WordPress News Digest for Friday, November 27, 2015

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale: Learn WordPress Development with 40% off Up and Running

By / — To get the holiday season started, we’re offering 40% off Up and Running! New this year, Up and Running makes learning WordPress development clear, logical, and quick. Through our e-book, diagrams, video tutorials, and interviews, you’ll learn WordPress deeply while saving dozens… More →

Black Friday Sale—Our Biggest Sale Of All Time Is Here For A Limited Time!

By / — Black Friday is here, and this year we are pulling out all the stops with our biggest discount of all time! Today we are offering 25% off all new memberships and account upgrades! If you sign up with the discount,… More →

Challenges in JavaScript-Based Theming

By / — Welcome to part three of our tutorial on building themes with JavaScript. In part one we considered the JavaScript web … Continue reading → More →

Coming up: 2015 Community Summit

By / — The 2015 community summit is next Wednesday and Thursday, December 2–3. There were a lot of great discussions last year, and I look forward to more this year and planning next steps for core. Ahead of the community summit, the… More →

Hi I have two requests 1 Please remove…

By / — Hi, I have two requests: 1. Please remove me as a Translation editor for Sindhi language, I participated in the discussion about Sindhi but I don’t actually know the language. (https://translate.wordpress.org/locale/snd) 2. Please add me as a Translation editor for… More →

How Will Calypso Change the Game?

By / — This week was pretty exciting for the WordPress community: Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic, introduced Calypso, a project they’ve been working on for the past 20 months. The greatest strength of WordPress, its backward compatibility, is also its greatest… More →

How to Show User Registration Date in WordPress

By / — Do you want to show the user registration date in WordPress? Often popular membership sites and forums display the user registration date on profile as “member since 2015”. In this article, we will cover how to show user registration date… More →

My Review of the SlideDeck 3 Plugin for WordPress – BobWP

By / — Whether you need to present yourself or your business visually, whether it's through images, text, video or all three, a well-done slider can benefit your WordPress site. The post My Review of the SlideDeck 3 Plugin for WordPress appeared first… More →

Quick Tip: Selecting a Line Number in Coda

By / — One thing about the output the PHP CodeSniffer is it tells you the line number where your problem exists. This feature has obvious benefits – it lets you know exactly where you need to jump to fix the problem. Our… More →

Rant: Lightboxes and Scrolling

By / — Size matters when your box is too big for my screen. More →

Revamp Your WP Project with This Curated Collection of WordPress Themes and Plugins

By / — Hey buddies! How's it going? Well it's just about to get even better thanks to this amazing round-up of themes and plugins for WordPress that you will just not help playing around with, just as a spoiler, among the themes… More →

Thoughts on Black Friday and Some WordPress Deals around the Web – BobWP

By / — Is it worth it to run a Black Friday sale? I share my thoughts on this and also some WordPress deals that I recommend. The post Thoughts on Black Friday and Some WordPress Deals around the Web appeared first on… More →

Weekly SEO Recap: AMPing up to SSL all the Penguins

By / — This was very much the “week after” for us. Yoast SEO 3.0.4 saw the light, but other than that most of us are still recovering. It was also a week full with tiny little nuggets of newsy niceness. From SSL on… More →

What We Can Learn from the Success of WordPress

By / — WordPress has grown at a rate that is not only exponential but also completely unprecedented. If you visit the WordPress plugin repository, you will find over 40,000 plugins have now been contributed — for free. And, as of August 2015,… More →

Worry-Free Onboarding Leads To Fearless Launches

By / — Moving a site to a new platform can be scary. One false move could trigger a site-killing domino effect. And when your business is online and only online, that just won’t do. I recently worked with the WP Engine Onboarding… More →