WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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A Gory Hack For Removing Tags And Categories From Multiple Posts

By / — WordPress provides the functionality to add tags and categories to multiple posts but not remove them. Here's a solution for adding that functionality but be warned this hack is not for the squeamish. More →

All Hands on Deck

By / — Last week we held our 4th All Hands event—where all of WP Engine’s remote and Austin-based employees come together at our Austin HQ. All Hands provides us with a wonderful opportunity to plan for the future, meet our remote colleagues… More →

Bring The Power of Google Analytics Into Your WordPress Dashboard

By / — Track and view Google Analytics statistics for an individual site or an entire multisite network without leaving your WordPress dashboard. More →

Building Capacity Before Going for the New Hire

By / — Building a great team is hard. Brutally hard.# More →

Create WordPress Posts And Pages Using PHP – A 101 Tutorial

By / — No doubt you have seen WordPress Themes and Plugins which claim to automatically install ‘dummy data’ for you when you install them, so that you immediately have a fully functioning website. I am going to show you a method of… More →

Developer Plugins I Can’t Live Without

By / — When you’ve been developing for WordPress for a while, you get into a bit of a flow, and you end up reaching for the same tools again and again. And if you’ve reviewed as many […] More →

Envira Gallery: Taking Galleries to the Next Level

By / — I am extremely happy to announce that my latest product, the best responsive WordPress gallery plugin Envira Gallery, has been pushed live. I have been working hard on the next version of Soliloquy, and Envira Gallery was birthed out of… More →

GovFresh WP: A Free WordPress Theme For Governments

By / — This week GovFresh, a government and technology blog, launched a new WordPress theme project to help promote the use of open source software among governments. If you’ve ever visited a local government website that looks like it hasn’t been updated… More →

How To Backup Your WordPress Website Using VaultPress

By / — “Hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. When this idiom was first spoken, I doubt they had WordPress websites in mind; however it perfectly sums up the importance of backing up your websites. Bad things can happen. WordPress… More →

How to Feature/Bury Comments in WordPress with Featured Comments

By / — Comments are great for increasing user engagement, but as your site grows in popularity long comment threads can become a mixed blessing. On one hand you love the community and the discussion, but on the other hand you’ll notice that… More →

How to customize the WordPress theme customizer defaults

By / — The theme customizer feature was introduced in WordPress 3.4, released June 2012. Since then, it’s been a great tool that’s allowed theme developers to move away from complex options managers to a simpler, more logical interface where many settings can… More →

New plugin: Post Connector

By / — If you’re an advanced WordPress user, you’ll have “abused” taxonomies quite often to relate post types to each other. Now you might think “abused? but that’s what they’re for, right?” Well… Not entirely. Sometimes you just want to relate posts… More →

Progeny MMXIV: A Free WordPress Audio Theme Based on Twenty Fourteen

By / — Progeny MMXIV is a new free child theme for Twenty Fourteen. It was created by the folks at AudioTheme, a commercial theme shop that focuses on themes for bands, musicians, and labels. Although most of the design strongly resembles its… More →

Programmatically Add Menu Item

By / — WordPress comes with a default menu system which gives full control to the admin user of the site to change or create as many menu items as you want. To access the menu system in the admin area you just… More →

Several projects are in need of updates

By / — To summarize a number of requests that have not received the love they deserve, all related to the creation of projects in GlotPress. WordPress 3.8.x – The WordPress project needs a 3.8.x sub-project, should have been created when 3.8 was… More →

Sir Trevor WP: An Alternative Post Editor for WordPress

By / — There’s nothing more fun than exploring different interface ideas for the WordPress publishing process. Over the past several months we’ve featured a number of plugins that are vying for the best way to edit content on the front end. Sir… More →

Snow day in Birmingham

By / — It rarely snows in Birmingham, and almost never sticks. Today, we’ve gotten around two inches, so I took the opportunity to walk around my neighborhood in Homewood and snap a few pictures. I suck at photography, but I try. More →

Snow on Birdhouse

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Time for a New Team Rep

By / — The time has come again for WordPress community contributor groups to select new Team Reps. The Theme Review Team is looking for someone not a member of the admin group to take on this role. What is a Team Rep?… More →

WP Job Board Review: Create a Job Board with WordPress

By / — WP Job Board is a premium plugin for WordPress that allows you to build a job board website. The job board can be the sole focus of the site, or it can be created as an addon to an existing… More →

Widget Customizer Feature-as-Plugin Merge Proposal

By / — Widgets in WordPress provide an easy way to add functionality to predefined areas of your theme templates. However, once you add a widget to a sidebar you have to leave the WordPress admin to go back to the frontend to… More →

Winter Mix

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Woo: You too have woes

By / — For developers, i18n isn’t always obvious, not even for large, and well-established theme vendors. In this post, I’ve tried to outline some of the most obvious issues in some of WooThemes’ themes. Read more @zedejose.com →The post Woo: You too have… More →

WooCommerce Product Attributes and the WordPress Taxonomy Inception

By / — I recently explained the very basics of how you actually set up a custom taxonomy in WordPress. Along with custom post types and custom fields — which I thought about telling you about today, but they can wait — they’re… More →

WordPress Hosting Reviews

By / — So you’ve been reading about WordPress hosting reviews online and feel you are getting some good information. But are you really? The thing about hosting reviews in general is that for the most part, the writers are biased and being… More →

WordPress Hosting: How To Choose The Best

By / — You finally have your business plan figured out. You know exactly what you’re going to do to run a successful WordPress site, and you’ve even started pooling resources together. All that you need now is a good home for your… More →

WordPress, Openness, and Communication

By / — One of the battles the WordPress.org project has faced since its inception is communication. Not just how much or how little but also the tools used to communicate. When I followed the development of WordPress with eagle eyes from 2008-2011,… More →

Write plugins that scratch an itch

By / — I have written a lot of plugins. Some I love, others I’m indifferent towards, and others I hate. The plugins I’ve written have been created for a lot of different reasons. Some are for examples to be used in tutorials,… More →