WordPress News Digest for Thursday, August 28, 2014

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10 tips for Universell Utforming av nettsider

By / — Hvis du er en webredaktør for et nettsted er sannsynligheten stor for at du har lest om Universell Utforming (UU). Her har vi samlet 10 tips som hjelper deg med å komme i gang. More →

An Easy Way To Notify Users When Their Comment Is Approved

By / — By default, WordPress doesn’t notify users when their comments are approved from the moderation queue. If you’d like to change that, consider using the Comment Approved plugin by Niels van Renselaar. The plugin is simple to use and configure. After… More →

Are You Listening To These Awesome WordPress Podcasts?

By / — For casual users and professionals alike it pays to stay up to date on the latest WordPress news, developments, tools, and more. As an open source project with an active developer community, WordPress is constantly in a state of what… More →

Birds In Flight And The Power Of A Remote Working Team

By / — Do you remember the first time you took note of a flock of birds slipstreaming? And someone explained the way they fly aerodynamically and take turns to head up the V-shape and be carried along by the strength of their fellows? Nature is smart.… More →

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do – The WhiP #73

By / — WordPress 4.0 RC1 out, WP Tech breaks up with WordCamp Central, and the highs and lows of running a theme shop. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Case Study: O V E R Clothing

By / — With close to 2,000 entries in our Golden Ticket competition, it wasn’t easy picking a winner. So many of the sites we reviewed blew us away and we were left greatly impressed with our community and how they’re using WooCommerce.… More →

Color Options vs. Decisions in WordPress Themes

By / — One feature I was particularly excited about in Twenty Fourteen is the “accent color” which lets you personalize your theme by changing the default green to whatever you like. Unfortunately the feature was removed in #26220, mainly due to the… More →

Draft OMGWTFBBQ for 4.0

By / — This post is the official DRAFT post. I’ve slapped up a template for us to use going forward, but here are the sections, after the break. template OMG Post Leave comments for corrections or (if you’re an editor) just edit… More →

Everything Is Bloated

By / — Tom McFarlin writes Everything Is Bloated, Nothing Is Good. More →


By / — Gather is a highly adaptable theme for displaying products, art, and content. Choose your own fonts, update colors, or upload a logo using the theme customizer. Multiple menu locations, social icons, and widget areas are available. Integrates well with popular… More →

How to Create Custom User Roles in WordPress

By / — One of the key features in WordPress that is often overlooked is that there are a number of different user roles available. These user roles can  help make insure that only the people have access to just the areas they… More →

How to Update a WordPress Theme without Losing Customization

By / — As a beginner, when you want to customize your WordPress theme, you simply paste code snippets directly into your theme files. This becomes a problem when a new update is released for your theme because updating a theme wipes out… More →

Increase Traffic to Your Site With These Tried and Tested Blogging Tips

By / — A blog is one of the best ways to drive traffic to a website; whether it be a corporate website, directory, or online shop. By adding great content to your blog regularly, you will provide useful resources to visitors and… More →

Introducing Some Lesser-Known WordPress Clubs

By / — One of the major benefits of WordPress is the ability to use themes and plugins to add design and functionality to our website. This is a benefit which most of us would otherwise be unable to create ourselves. […] The post Introducing Some… More →

Is Your WordPress Site Fast Enough? Here’s How to Tell

By / — A lot goes into building a good WordPress site. For starters, you need a good theme. Then, you need good… The post Is Your WordPress Site Fast Enough? Here’s How to Tell appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress… More →

I’m a bit behind with the da DK…

By / — I’m a bit behind with the da_DK 3.9.2 package. When I build from trunk/revision 29189 i get this suggestion: https://cloudup.com/cFyO3BC1Y7r I made a testinstall and it immediately updated to WordPress 4.0-beta4. I’m not sure that is supposed to happen. When… More →

Jason Schuller Shares His Experience Running a WordPress Theme Business

By / — Jason Schuller who was the previous owner of Press75.com, has published a great post detailing his experience of running a WordPress commercial theme business from 2008-2014. While Schuller describes a variety of ups and downs he encountered while running the… More →

Jason Schuller on WordPress Theme Business

By / — Hulu.com had just launched earlier that same year and I had been inspired by its clean design. Interested to see if I could duplicate a similar experience using WordPress, I started working on a new theme I called “On Demand”… More →

National Premium WordPress Theme

By / — National is the second theme I’ve developed in collaboration with Sonia Gaballa at Nudge Design. She came up with a sweet layout that will certainly help any business or personal… More →

Over 30 Hand-Picked WordPress Themes for Beauty Spas and Salons

By / — One niche that hasn’t been covered on WPLift before is Beauty Spas and Salons – these days more people are booking appointments online which makes your web presence ever more important. With the high quality of premium WordPress themes available… More →

Pippin’s Plugins: Learn From a Prolific Plugin Publisher

By / — Pippin Williamson is a WordPress plugin developer who has founded and created some of the most well-known and useful WordPress plugins available today. These plugins span many different categories, including eCommerce, membership access, and affiliate management. One of the keys… More →

ProWordPress Subreddit Passes 1,000 Subscribers

By / — Earlier this year we featured the /r/ProWordPress subreddit on a post exploring various WordPress watering holes. If you’re not familiar with subreddits, they are essentially focused topics where where registered users can vote article submissions “up” or “down.” Subscribing to… More →

Support Team Update for August 28th

By / — Items discussed at this week’s #wordpress-sfd support meetup: WordPress 4.0 RC ongoing The RC is here, and we’re hitting it with everything we can. No new earth-shattering Alpha/Beta threads to mention. OMG WFT BBQ 4.0 We have nothing new to… More →

Team chat agenda week #35

By / — *steps up to the podium* My fellow Wordians, the support team have a chat coming up, and so forth goes the agenda: 4.0 RC, how’s it going, did anything exciting pop up? Does the OMGWTFBBQ list seem adequate or are… More →

The Role of Key Reviewer

By / — On Tuesday we had our IRC meeting and it went well. Feel free to read the IRC logs if you would like to and catch up. The key points to take away from it are the criteria to meet. The admins… More →

Tips for Saving and Retrieving Post Meta Data

By / — One of the common things that I’ve seen – and personally done – is mismanaging $_POST data as it comes into the server-side from a form or some type of input element from the front-end. This may be in the case… More →

Unit Tests for WordPress Plugins – An Introduction

By / — Unit tests are a tool that developers use to test that code is performing properly. The idea behind them is to create a set of tests to determine if your code, given a known data set, gives the expected response. A… More →

WP Settings Generator: Quickly Create a Custom Options Page Using the WordPress Settings API

By / — Yesterday we featured a plugin, created by application developer Jeroen Sormani, that clones Google Keep functionality in the WordPress dashboard. Sormani has produced a number of other interesting experiment with WordPress, including a little known tool for generating WordPress settings.… More →

WPWeekly Episode 160 – The Founder Of BruteProtect, Sam Hotchkiss

By / — In this weeks show, Marcus Couch and I are joined by the founder of BruteProtect, Sam Hotchkiss. We learn the circumstances which lead to the birth of BruteProtect and how it operates. Hotchkiss explains the details of the acquisition with… More →

WordPress SEO Tutorial Videos

By / — One of the returning questions we get from customers is for better tutorial videos for our SEO plugin. That’s no “simple” thing as we quite regularly update the plugin and add new features to it, changing the interface. So we’ve teamed… More →

_s_backbone: A WordPress Starter Theme Based on Underscores and Backbone.js

By / — The Underscores WordPress starter theme saw a flurry of activity on GitHub in this week, including a new theme based off of Underscores that incorporates the WordPress REST API Backbone.js client. If you’re familiar with Underscores, the _s_backbone theme is a nice starting point for… More →