WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, October 28, 2014

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20 Top Selling WordPress Themes On Themeforest

By / — The Most Sold WordPress Themes On Themeforest To Date For 2014 Themeforest like it or loathe it is home to quite literally thousands of WordPress themes and plugins. Some of excellent quality and with a strong track record of support,… More →

30 Best New Premium WordPress Themes: October 2014

By / — It’s that time of the month again, a ton of themes for WordPress have been set loose on the world…. The post 30 Best New Premium WordPress Themes: October 2014 appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

6 Tips for Creating a Killer Editorial Calendar in WordPress

By / — Running a blog requires similar discipline that you need to run a business. You need to find topics to write about, schedule posts, manage multiple authors and more. All this organizational work can be made much easier in WordPress. In… More →

9 Essential WordPress Plugins That Everyone Should be Using

By / — WordPress is one of the most popular content publishing platforms in the world. It currently powers 14.7% of the top million websites. Due to this huge number of website owners using the WordPress platform, a large number of free and premium… More →

A Sparkling New Site, and a Look Ahead

By / — The new site design is a much better platform for some things we’ve got planned for WPShout. More →

Blockquotes In WordPress: Everything You Need To Know

By / — Seen those fancy quotation styles around the web and want to use them on your WordPress site? Well that’s a web designer’s reason to get excited! We’re going to delve into the usage of blockquotes in WordPress, and hopefully give… More →

Conductor: A Modular Layout Builder for WordPress

By / — In the wide, wide world of WordPress page builders, Conductor sure sticks out. It doesn’t integrate with your post editor or offer you limitless layout options. Instead, it focuses on helping you create excellent layouts […] The post Conductor: A… More →

Creating Beautiful and Effective Landing Pages With WordPress

By / — Third-party providers like Lead Pages and UnBounce offer a no-tech option for countless landing and sales page configurations. But you’re a WordPress savvy developer, you should be able to guide your clients through a landing page solution. Today we’re going… More →

Good Looking Social Sharing with Monarch

By / — In this digital era it's become a necessity to have social sharing on your site. Monarch does just that but in the most attractive, fast and effective way. More →

Google Analytics Dashboards

By / — Google Analytics is a powerful tool. However, it takes quite some time getting used to, which is why people are missing out on a lot of functionality. They simply don’t know it exists. So today I’ll be explaining a feature… More →

Hello Today I tried to upload some files…

By / — Hello, Today I tried to upload some files to svn.automattic.com/wordpress-i18n, but unfortunatelly my wordpress.org username and pass wasn’t accepted. Can you help me, please? P.S. I know and using translate.wordpress.org/projects for current translates, but some reasons I need to upload… More →

How To: Easily Create Pricing Tables in WordPress

By / — A lot of product or business themes these days bundle in the ability to create pricing tables which you can use to create a listing of your different pricing options for your service or product. These were popularised at first… More →

How to Prevent Editors from Adding New Categories in WordPress

By / — In a recent project for a client, I needed to prevent non-admin users from adding new categories from the post editor screen. By default, WordPress allows users with admin and editor roles to manage categories and in this tutorial I’ll… More →

How to import a CSV file into a WPML site with custom post types in WordPress

By / — I am working on a site that is multilingual (English and Hebrew) and we are using the WPML plugin to handle the translations/localization. We are using a custom post type on the site that has many entries and the client needed… More →

Join Me At WooCommerce Conference For a Workshop

By / — For the very first time, an official WooCommerce Conference is happening in San Francisco, Nov. 3-4. And the fact that only 3 tickets are left (at the time of this post), it’s obvious that a lot of people have been… More →

Mentorship Session From now on each week we…

By / — Mentorship Session. From now on, each week we will be running a mentorship session each Thursday at 17:00 UTC in Slack #themereview. If you’d like to know more about Slack you can find out here: https://make.wordpress.org/chat/. This session is designed… More →

New Plugin: Jobs & Experts, More Than Just a Jobs Board

By / — Jobs & Experts from WPMU Dev makes it easy to connect members of your WordPress who have a need with members who have the expertise. More →

Override Theme Template In Plugin

By / — In this tutorial we are going to look at how you can override a theme template file from within a plugin. When WordPress displays a piece of content it selects the theme template by using a hierarchy of files, for… More →

Post Snippets: Create a Library of Reusable Content for Your WordPress Site

By / — In a recent post we looked at a plugin which allows you to insert page elements into your posts simply by entering the appropriate shortcode. While the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin comes with a range of useful page elements, such as… More →

Short Interviews from WordCamp San Francisco

By / — We had a great time hanging out and chatting with everyone at WordCamp San Francisco this weekend. Throughout the weekend, we were lucky enough to interview some of the attendees and ask them about their WordCamp […] The post Short Interviews… More →

State of the Word 2014

By / — Yesterday I delivered the State of the Word address to the WordPress community, and the video is already up on WordPress.tv. Here are the slides if you’d like to view them on their own: State of the Word 2014 from… More →

The #wordpress IRC support channel is not going away

By / — I am sure that many people may have heard that WordPress.org teams are going to switch to Slack from IRC for collaboration and online meetings. Please note the parts in that sentence that I’ve added emphasis to. Earlier this morning… More →

The #worpress sfd Slack #forums meetup this week…

By / — The #worpress-sfd Slack #forums meetup this week is cancelled. Due to the fact that many of us will be traveling and/or recovering there will be no weekly meeting this Thursday 10/30. The meetup will resume in the Slack channel next… More →

The very fresh Lithuanian team has difficulties while…

By / — The very fresh Lithuanian team has difficulties while trying to build localized version for the first time We followed the list in here https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/handbook/translating/packaging-localized-wordpress/ but at the step 4. we have empty dropdown, we think it is because there are… More →

Today’s meeting at 17:00 UTC will be in…

By / — Today’s meeting at 17:00 UTC will be in Slack on themereview. If you want to know more about Slack you can find out more here: https://make.wordpress.org/chat/. I look forward to seeing you all there. We’ll be having an open discussion… More →

Twenty Fifteen Chat Summary October 28

By / — Notes for our weekly chat about Twenty Fifteen: Twenty Fifteen continues to feel pretty robust — thanks to everyone who’s been testing the theme, reporting bugs, and contributing to patches with code or comments. We’re in good shape. The biggest… More →

User Onboarding with WordPress

By / — Recently, Stephen shared an interesting site with me – User Onboarding – in which, as the site states, seeks to do the following: User Onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your… More →

Why You Should A/B Test Your Online Store’s Navigation Menus

By / — When you’re building an online store, you should never settle for just one web design. Instead, you can keep improving appearance just like you’d strive to keep improving products and services. One way to do this is to continually make… More →

WordCamp San Francisco User Testing Results

By / — WordCamp San Francisco, @johnbillion and I conducted some user tests.  We focused on three feature plugins planned for 4.1: Focus, Author Select, Session Manager.  When possible, we created an editor account for users and had them participate on there own… More →

WordPress Site Utility Plugin

By / — There has been some discussion in recent weeks about the use of functions.php in the theme folder as oppose to using a plugin instead and the golden rule, in my opinion, is that anything that is not directly related to… More →