WordPress News Digest for Sunday, March 29, 2015

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Andrew Nacin has joined the White House’s U.S. Digital Service

By / — Andrew Nacin now works at the U.S. Digital Service, the federal government service that aims to "redefine public service for a new generation." Nacin continues his role as WordPress lead developer, but is stepping back from working on the project… More →

Change Your WordPress Database Name in 3 Simple Steps

By / — Your WordPress database holds all of your site's important information, so keeping it safe and organized isn't something that should be neglected. Naming your database in a descriptive way can help you more easily keep track of your site and… More →

How to Create a Dynamic Help Menu in WordPress

By / — Have you ever landed on a confusing website and wished it was a little more obvious as to what you should do next? Or perhaps you’ve been looking for a way to help your website become a little more intuitive?… More →

My Wonderful WordPress Life

By / — My name is Babs and I love my WordPress life. I run my own business developing websites for small business clients, but the route that got me here hasn’t always been smooth or easy, and certainly doesn’t follow any career… More →

There are duplicate strings in Glotpress for example…

By / — There are duplicate strings in Glotpress, for example “Front page: %s” is added and translated four times, even their reference is the same. More →

US memory championship.

By / — To attain the rank of grand master of memory, you must be able to perform three seemingly superhuman feats. You have to memorize 1,000 digits in under an hour, the precise order of 10 shuffled decks of playing cards in… More →