WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Poopy.life Lets You Create Free, Unlimited WordPress Test Installs

By / — Just when you think all the best domain names have been gobbled up by bots and squatters, Poopy.life emerges as the fastest new way to spin up a WordPress test install. Joe Guilmette, team lead at WP All Import, opened… More →

10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect for Small Businesses

By / — If you remember there was a time when business handlers and entrepreneurs needed to find a developer just to make… The post 10 Reasons Why WordPress Is Perfect for Small Businesses appeared first on WPExplorer. More →

How To Remove Sidebars From Divi

By / — Removing the Sidebar from Divi’s default page template can easily be done when you are using the Divi Builder. However, since the default template still shows on pages like 404’s and archives, you may want to take out the sidebar… More →

Feature-Full Widgets with Widget Options

By / — It can be surprisingly hard to do what you want with your WordPress widgets. That includes commonsense modifications like adding IDs and classes per widget to aid in CSS styling and JavaScript handling, and showing and hiding widgets per post,… More →

Attending NEPA WordPress Meetup for March 2017

By / — Last night was the NEPA WordPress Meetup for March 2017. It was a panel discussion regarding how agencies use WordPress with Jack Reager of Black Out Design (our gracious host, thanks Jack and team), Liam Dempsey and Lauren Pittenger of… More →

Project Management: Features (Milestones, Tasks, and Feedback Loops)

By / — Project management is multifaceted and we all work them differently. This is how I take requirements and convert them into features. Project Management: Features (Milestones, Tasks, and Feedback Loops) was written by Tom. For more on WordPress, development, and resources… More →

Tracking your SEO with Google Analytics: a how-to

By / — At Yoast, we’re known for giving you numerous tips to improve your site’s SEO. However, how do you know whether those tips are actually working for you? There are a number of tools out there that can help you track your SEO,… More →

How to Add Medium’s Most Popular Features to WordPress

By / — High-profile blogging platform Medium has lost some of its shine since one-third of staff were let go last, and this week announcing a paid membership subscription program. These business changes offer a solid reminder that companies come and go, and… More →

The Grammar of URLs in Email

By / — Using URLs in your written copy isn't impossible, it just requires a bit of thought. Like everything else. The post The Grammar of URLs in Email appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

How to Disable Trackbacks and Pings on Existing WordPress Posts

By / — Do you want to disable trackbacks and pings on your old WordPress posts? Trackbacks and pingbacks allow blogs to notify each other that they have linked to a post. However, today it is mainly used by spammers to send trackbacks… More →

Sucuri Review – What Can This Free WordPress Security Plugin Do For You?

By / — A while back we talked about WordFence and whether it’s really the best WordPress security plugin on the market (as user numbers suggest). Yet, while popular, Wordfence is far from the only one of its kind. In fact, with Sucuri… More →

Live from WordCamp Miami. It’s the WP eCommerce Show! – BobWP

By / — Our live show from WordCamp Miami is perfect if you are thinking of starting your online store with WordPress. More →

35 Awesome Ad-Space WordPress Themes to Monetize Your Website

By / — Sharing killer content with your site visitors is just one way you can utilize the versatile WordPress platform. However, there is a way to make your WordPress theme work harder for you and earn you some extra cold hard cash.… More →

Tesla Model S vs. Model X

By / — It’s been about a month since I sold our Tesla Model S 70D, as our Model X 90D 6-seater was about to arrive. Now that I… The post Tesla Model S vs. Model X appeared first on Bensmann.no. More →

Output a WooCommerce Coupon Description Instead of Code

By / — This Ask Sell with WP question comes from Roelof: Is there a way, in the [WooCommerce] cart, to use the coupon description, not the code? Sure thing! Outputting the WooCommerce coupon description instead of the code is very do-able. However,… More →

Poedit 2 Introduces Direct Connection to WordPress, Adds Support for Twig Templates

By / — Poedit 2 was released today after two years in development. The app has a refreshed interface for translating .PO files, which Poedit creator Václav Slavík said was created by a professional designer. It is also the first paid upgrade for… More →