WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, April 29, 2014

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4 Plugins to Set up A/B Testing for Your Online Store in Minutes

By / — When you do business online, you have to conduct tests. But why? Well, testing allows you to see precisely what elements of your online store are effective and which ones leave room for improvement. They show you which call-to-action drives… More →

9 WordPress Resources You Need to Bookmark Right Now

By / — Seasoned WordPress developers typically have a collection of sites they frequent to get the latest news, product reviews and tutorials… The post 9 WordPress Resources You Need to Bookmark Right Now appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Adding Custom User Fields to Restrict Content Pro

By / — It is very common for users of Restrict Content Pro to want to add custom fields to the registration and profile forms so that members can enter and store additional information, perhaps for their location, profession, or personal interests (or… More →

Booing practice: Robinson Cano stuns Yankees fans who heckle on ‘Tonight Show’

By / — This is great. We see this sort of thing at work all the time – people communicate very differently over different mediums and in different situations.# More →

Hello i get this error message when building…

By / — Hello, i get this error message when building a new version Couldn’t copy /tmp/rosettaGb96JS/el/messages/el.mo to /tmp/rosettaWWhejP/wordpress/wp-content/languages/el.mo! More →

How To Archive A Site You Don’t Have Access To

By / — There are several options when it comes to backing up a WordPress site. Depending on the type of access you have, retrieving the database or an XML backup is easy. But what if you don’t have access to the database… More →

How to Add A Pricing Table in WordPress – Best Pricing Table Plugins

By / — WordPress pricing table can be a useful addition to your WordPress site, if you offer premium services or sell products at different tier levels. Over the past few years, pricing table plugins have become quite popular. So popular in fact… More →

How to Add Subtitle for Posts and Pages in WordPress

By / — Have you ever felt that you need a subtitle for your posts and pages? Recently in one of our projects, ThemeLab, we needed to add subtitles to some of our pages. We felt that others might need it as well,… More →

How to Add a Multimedia Slider in WordPress

By / — Sliders are beautiful and an easy way to grab user attention. You can add videos, text, buttons anything you want in a slider. But the problem is that you don’t want the slider to slow down your site. In this… More →

How to Create Audio & Video Playlists in WordPress Without Plugins

By / — If you host your own audios or videos, now WP lets you create playlists too. More →

How to Share Beer Recipes in WordPress

By / — Whether lager or ale, malty or hoppy, ice cold or room temperature, from a bottle, can, pint or stein, there’s no bad way to enjoy a brewski (unless you’ve had one too many). From ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to all… More →

I Sold WP App Store

By / — About a month ago I posted WP App Store for sale on Flippa. And today I’m very happy to announce that Iain Poulson (aka @polevaultweb) will be taking over the project. Iain is a great WordPress developer with some excellent… More →

IRC Meetup agenda for week #18

By / — Items on the #wordpress-sfd agenda for this week: WordPress 3.9.1 update soon. Any additional items related to 3.9 outside of TinyMCE 4/Visual Editor javascript issues? The volume seems to have decreased. Please feel free to comment below for adding anything… More →

Important Security Update for SyntaxHighlighter Evolved WordPress Plugin

By / — Alex Mills announced an important security update today for his SyntaxHighlighter Evolved plugin. The 3.1.10 release includes a new version of the SyntaxHighlighter 3.x library to address an XSS security issue. If you run my SyntaxHighlighter WordPress plugin on your… More →

Interview with Sarah Gooding, Editorial Ninja at WPTavern

By / — Today we have an interview with one of the most prolific WordPress bloggers, Sarah Gooding. I first became aware of Sarah’s writing when she blogged at the WPMU site and always found her articles to be the most interesting. She… More →

New Plugin Release: Multisite Theme Manager by WPMU DEV

By / — We’re pleased as punch to announce a brand spanking new plugin: Multisite Theme Manager. Multisite Theme Manager lets you control and customize your users’ theme viewing experience. Give your themes striking feature images, change names and edit descriptions. And when… More →

Results of the first WP-CLI user survey

By / — Daniel Bachhuber has just published the results of the first WP-CLI user survey. The results should provide some guidance for Daniel and others working on the project, as they shed some light on how people are using WP-CLI, and perhaps some… More →

Social Media Colours

By / — Whenever creating a new site I always find myself going to the major social networking sites to grab their colours to use in icons or buttons. Instead of having to go to all these individual sites I wanted one place… More →

The Best of Times and Worst of Times of WordPress Development

By / — One of the greatest strengths that’s offered to designers and developers who work with WordPress is the ability to use just about any client-side technology that we’d like. That is to say that for anyone who is working on building themes… More →

The Possible Effects of Automattic’s Auquisition of Scroll Kit

By / — To add to its list of recent acquisitions, Automattic snatched up New York startup Scroll Kit last week, and added its creators to the WordPress.com product group. If you haven’t heard of it, Scroll Kit […] More →

The Stream plugin lets you track all WordPress user activity

By / — Stream is a WordPress plugin by X-Team that allows site owners to track all activity on their website. The free version of the plugin was released in December of 2013, and this last weekend they announced their first commercial extensions.… More →

Unearth Your Best Content with Infinite Slider

By / — If you have a lot of content pages on your blog, it may become increasingly hard to show off the very best of them on one page. For long years dynamic image sliders (or sometimes called carousels) tried to help… More →

WP App Store has a new owner

By / — Joining the slate of recent mergers and acquisitions in the WordPress world, Brad Touesnard announced today that he has sold WP App Store to Iain Poulson. Brad is responsible for the excellent WP Migrate DB Pro plugin, and as a result no longer had the… More →

Why WordPress-ers And Bloggers Need To YouTube More Often

By / — The money is in ‘da YouTube, and WordPressers are missing out. You heard me right. So that got me thinking, with all these butt-kicking WordPress blogs out there, why aren’t there many WordPress vlogs out there? I’m not talking about… More →