WordPress News Digest for Monday, June 29, 2015

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App Camp for Girls

By / — I put in my contribution. My daughter is still a bit young to be a camper, but like any parent I want her to have every opportunity as she grows up. She’s already pretty solid with Lightbot (also recommended for… More →

Awesome Giveaway – Win 1of 3 copies of Visual Styler

By / — Today we partnered up with Visual Styler to deliver you this awesome giveaway. You have an opportunity to win 1 of 3 copies of the Visual Styler a premium WordPress plugin which is sold exclusively on CodeCanyon. More →

Creating a Simple Widget For Your Sidebar in WordPress Without Knowing Code – BobWP

By / — How would you like to be able to create a simple widget in your sidebar, footer or any other widget area. For example an image that when clicked on links to another site? I will show you how to use… More →

EP142 – Page Builders, should you use one & which one?

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we will be discussing if you should be using a page builder and if so which one should you use. Show airs June 29 at 11am PDT / 2pm EDT / 7PM UTC The post EP142… More →

Egregious mobile ads have finally driven me to use…

By / — Egregious mobile ads have finally driven me to use the “Reader View Available” feature in Safari. Good job, ad geniuses. More →

Exploring Divi 2.4: Using The Module Customizer to Control 100’s of New Module Styles

By / — Earlier this month introduced Divi 2.4, the biggest upgrade in Divi history and a giant leap forward for our most popular WordPress theme. There are so many great features to explore in this update that it was hard to describe… More →

GetResponse vs MailChimp: A Detailed Comparison Review

By / — In this comparison, we look at the email marketing solutions, MailChimp and GetResponse, and see which comes out on top. While MailChimp seems to be the general fan favorite, with a good deal more users, I know a few very… More →

How to Verify Your WordPress Site on Pinterest

By / — Do you want Pinterest analytics for your WordPress site? Pinterest analytics help you monitor your site’s performance by showing stats for all images pinned from your site. Recently one of our users asked us for an easy way to verify… More →

Migrate Your WordPress Site To WP Engine® For Free In Just Minutes

By / — If you’ve ever migrated a site, you know how painful it can be. It’s a gargantuan chore, and is often time-consuming and expensive. You typically have two choices when it comes to a site migration: pay a contractor to perform… More →

More micro-blogging workflows

By / — Manton writes about a few workflows here the follows it up with the post I’ve linked to. FWIW I’ve posted to my own site first then passed stuff along to Twitter and Facebook since we released the Social plugin for… More →

Obama Delivers Eulogy

By / —   More →

Reflections on my crown birthday

By / — Traditionally in South Africa, the year which corresponds to the date of your birthday is referred to as your “crown birthday”. While I’m not certain of any special significance other than the “once in a lifetime” nature of a crown… More →

The Advanced WordPress Facebook Group

By / — The Advanced WordPress Facebook Group →If you’ve worked with WordPress for a while but have yet to participate very much in the community, the Advanced WordPress Facebook group is a great place to start. Members are pretty engaged (there’s usually a… More →

The Nature of WordPress Debates

By / — Last week, I talked about when people claim that they are Getting Out of the WordPress Bubble and some of the perspectives others have when reading things like this. The flip side of this is that there are some people who… More →

The Simple Psychology That Will Increase Your WordPress Site Conversions by 110%

By / — Many sites offer one-off free gifts like eBooks and discounts in exchange for joining their mailing list. It’s so common now that users have come to expect it. But with “layered” free gifts, you can infuse some simple behavioral psychology… More →

This week in 4.3: June 29 – July 5

By / — This is the jump-start post for the ninth week of the WordPress 4.3 release cycle. Beta1 is happening this Wednesday. I’ll start moving enhancement tickets out of the milestone that have not made it in until then before dev chat.… More →

Uniqueness Matters

By / — I got 99 problems, but prefixes ain't one. More →

WP Engine Launch Automated Migration Plugin

By / — Have you ever tried migrating a WordPress site manually? If you have, or know someone who has, you know how complicated, sometimes expensive and long a process it can be. That's why WP Engine have just launched a new plugin… More →