WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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10 Actionable Ways To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

By / — These days, you want to create a LinkedIn profile that will get praise on the web. A profile that will get recruiters to dial your number… a profile that will clog your profile with thousands of InMail messages. Indeed, having… More →

5 Useful Tips to Create an Exceptional eCommerce Experience

By / — It can take hard work to build a successful eCommerce experience. The tools you choose will take you a long way, but only so far. How you treat your customers is vital, and that is something that is up to… More →

Add Live Chat Functionality to a WordPress Website with Pure Chat

By / — Nothing enhances a brand more than a great customer experience. There are many ways to achieve this: a great product and eye-catching website for starters, but also an impeccable customer service – something that’s often overlooked. But how do you… More →

Adler: A Unique Personal Blogging Theme for WordPress

By / — If you’re on the hunt for a new WordPress blogging theme but the designs are all starting to look too similar, you may want to check out Adler. It is one of the more unique themes to land in the… More →

Agenda for July 30th Support Meetup

By / — Items for discussion at tomorrow’s meetup: WordPress 4.3 RC1 (due today) OMGWTFBBQ post Documentation – https://codex.wordpress.org/Version_4.3 We can cull from https://make.wordpress.org/core/tag/dev-notes+4-3/ to pick out the biggest issues. Writing the Version 4.3 post is … painful. I tried it for 4.2… More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on July 29th

By / — Hey everyone, Here’s a quick agenda for today’s chat: Locale stats WordPress 4.2.3 Weekly #meta-i18n meeting recap for Polyglots WordPress 4.3 – Subtitles for the video WordPress 4.3 – soft freeze update and release dates Open discussion See you on Slack at… More →

Behind the Scenes of WordPress 4.2.3 With Gary Pendergast

By / — When WordPress 4.2.3 was released last week, not only did it patch a critical security vulnerability, but also adversely impacted a number of sites. Changes to the Shortcode API which were necessary as part of the patch caused some plugins… More →

Dev Chat Agenda for July 29

By / — Here’s the agenda for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. We’re getting ready for RC1 so lets discuss blocker, RC guidelines, and everything else related to RC. Time/Date: : RC Notes Feature Updates Component Updates Open Floor More →

Don’t block your CSS and JS files

By / — Yesterday, we got a question on Facebook that made me feel the need to respond publicly: are you guys going to have a fix for the Google Bot issue that came up today? For every site I have using Yoast… More →

Don’t make enemies, invest in friendships

By / — Enemies are trouble and tear you down. Friends support you and build you up. Building a friendship is not easy, especially when the potential friend could just as easily be your enemy. But it's a worthwhile endeavor and a lasting… More →

Experiences in Growing a Business in WordPress

By / — As mentioned in other posts, I've been doing contract work for other people since I was in college and I've found it to be extremely fulfilling. I consider myself very lucky to have been able to convert that into a… More →

How to Build a Sell-Out Events Website With WordPress

By / — If you want to sell tickets and bring in sponsorship to your event, your most important marketing tool is your website. After all, attendees will be judging your event on the basis of your site! In this definitive guide, we… More →

How to Generate Blog Post Content Faster with Mind Mapping – BobWP

By / — I have used mind mapping to encourage divergent thinking in classrooms with everyone from excitable first graders to gifted upper school students. When the buzz started in business and management circles, I was delighted to see a successful tool in… More →

How to Make the Most Out of WPBeginner’s Free Resources

By / — Often new WPBeginner readers ask us how they can get the maximum benefits from all the free resources available on our website. WPBeginner is one of the largest free WordPress resource sites on the planet. We have been publishing free… More →

Old Distraction Free Writing Code Removed in 4.3

By / — This release we removed all old DFW code, which hasn’t been used in core since 4.1. We left it in core for two releases so plugin authors had the time to update. If it is essential to your plugin, the files… More →

OpEd: Community, Community, Community

By / — If we want to make it better, we have to actually do something. More →

Optimus Plugin: Affordable Lossless Image Compression For WordPress

By / — I’m not a control freak, honestly. But when it comes to images, I’ve always felt that manual optimization using old school Adobe Fireworks was the better way to go. While it may not be the most efficient use of my… More →

Plugin: WP Google Maps

By / — After about a half hour of searching for a plugin that would properly implement Google Maps, I found this gem. It’s extremely feature-rich and works right out of the box. I needed the map in a widget area, and the… More →

Site Launch: WPLift WordPress Support & Maintenance, Introduction & Behind The Scenes

By / — I have some exciting news to share today – I’m announcing the launch of my latest venture, WPLift.Support. A new stand alone site under the WPLift brand where we are offering complete WordPress support and maintenance plans where we will… More →

Three Lessons I’ve Learned As A CFO

By / — Earlier this month I had the amazing honor of being named the best medium company CFO by the Austin Business Journal. And while I have the title of CFO, this isn’t an individual accomplishment. It’s a representation of the amazing… More →

WordPress 4.3 Removes Old DFW

By / — From Old Distraction Free Writing Code Removed in 4.3 This release we removed all old DFW code, which hasn’t been used in core since 4.1. We left it in core for two releases so plugin authors had the time to… More →

WordPress Theme Review Team Votes to Allow Themes to Use the REST API Plugin

By / — During this week’s WordPress Theme Review Team meeting, members considered the possibility of allowing themes hosted in the directory to make use of the WP REST API plugin. Since the API is not yet included in core, any theme or… More →