WordPress News Digest for Friday, August 29, 2014

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4 Reasons Why You Should Sell WordPress Plugins Independently

By / — To sell independently or to join a plugin marketplace? Ah, but that is the question. It’s a question that’s stumped many talented WordPress developers over the years, and for good reason: there is no right […] The post 4 Reasons… More →

4 Rules You Must Know About WordPress Logo and Trademark

By / — WordPress is a fast growing ecosystem for businesses where some companies are earning millions by offering WordPress based products and services. Due to such high demand, new businesses are being started every day. If you are a freelancer, entrepreneur who… More →

A more powerful ORDER BY in WordPress 4.0

By / — orderby is the argument passed to WP_Query to tell it what column to sort on when it is creating the ORDER BY clause for its generated SQL. The default value for orderby is post_date. The default sort order for a… More →

Adding Plugin Config Files to WordPress

By / — Almost everyone who has worked with WordPress has dealt with wp-config.php. I know – there are a lot of managed hosts out there that take care of a lot of this for you – but even though a person may… More →

An Introduction to WordPress Custom Taxonomies: a Beginners Tutorial

By / — WordPress allows you to categorize your posts and tag them to display your content under different topics and groups. However, WordPress also allows you to create your own Taxonomies other than categories and tags. Just what is a taxonomy though… More →

Brent Simmons on Social Media

By / — My blog’s older than Twitter and Facebook, and it will outlive them. It has seen Flickr explode and then fade. It’s seen Google Wave and Google Reader come and go, and it’ll still be here as Google Plus fades. When… More →

Google Authorship is Officially Dead, WordPress Authorship Plugins are Now Obsolete

By / — John Mueller, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google, announced today that Google will be discontinuing its support for authorship in search results. We’ve gotten lots of useful feedback from all kinds of webmasters and users, and we’ve tweaked, updated, and honed… More →

Google: Slowly moving back to 10 blue links

By / — Last night Google’s John Mueller announced on Google+ that “authorship” had been removed completely from the search results. Just like Google has recently removed most video snippets, this is another step towards Google’s search result pages going “back” to being 10 blue links. Brief… More →

Highlights from WP Think Tank #3

By / — On Tuesday, WP Think Tank #3 — hosted by co-founder of WP Elevation Troy Dean — shed light on some pressing issues in the WordPress space. The two-hour long Google Hangout addressed these three topics: How […] The post Highlights from… More →

How To Integrate Picturefill 2.0 In WordPress And Make Your Images Responsive

By / — WordPress is well-suited to take on the challenge of responsive images. Its default media uploader is complex, and supports image resizing, thumbnail cropping, and fine control over alt text and captions. And with a little help from plugins, image optimization… More →

How to Create a Quick Style Guide for Client Websites

By / — The business of building WordPress websites is exploding, and most agencies and freelancers have more work than they can handle. Clients are attracted to WordPress because of how easy it is to manage content. In the old days, if you… More →

Image Flow Update 29th August 2014

By / — Thanks everyone who came to the meeting. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to catch up. Goals and Objectives We discussed the goals and objectives of the project. We agreed that, rather than tinkering around the edges, the project… More →

Journalism vs Mass-Media

By / — Matthew Ingram writes for Gigaom: Journalism is doing just fine, thanks — it’s mass-media business models that are ailing. Hat tip: Ben Thompson. More →

Let me share some issues about 4.0 language…

By / — Let me share some issues about 4.0 language switching functionality. Current implementation for 4.0, adding new languages is not automatic. To get a new language to show up in the language switcher in the admin area, users have to manually… More →

LinkPatrol Review – Automatically Nofollow and Strip All External/Outgoing Links

By / — Search engines like Google are constantly trying their very best to present their searches with relevant and fresh results. Every day they release various tweaks to amplify the process. The major updates that affect the popular websites are housed under… More →

Make More Money through Ecommerce Analytics with Segment

By / — It’s a simple idea – understanding how people use your store and catering to them will boost sales. What percentage of people abandon their carts? How many folks leave during the checkout process? What are the most popular products that… More →

Marrying Multisite

By / — When you can't quit Multisite, it's time to contemplate how to marry it all together. More →

Nothing is Sacred or Immortal – The WhiP #74

By / — Google authorship plugins now obsolete, and totally awesome guides to kicking ass with WordPress. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Nouveau Riche: A Free WordPress Blogging Theme for Creative Minds

By / — Denis Bosire has been working with WordPress for more than five years. As client work became more frustrating, he decided to focus his attention on WordPress themes. After an unsuccessful attempt to monetize themes at Creative Market, Bosire decided to… More →

Programming is Storytelling

By / — This week, WP Shout’s own David Hayes offers some great insight on programming over at the Press Up Inc. blog. If you’ve ever had your coding flow ruined when you decided to change a piece of your user-interface then this… More →

The Quick and Easy Guide to Migrating a Local WordPress Installation to a Live Site

By / — Using a local server environment will save you a bunch of time if you regularly develop new WordPress websites. Local development has many advantages – it’s faster and more secure than constantly uploading files to a server. The only problem… More →

The Weekly WordPress News, Tutorials & Resources Roundup No.77

By / — This week we saw the release of WordPress 4.0 RC1, you can download it now or check out Smashing Magazine’s guide to the new features. One interesting post which caught my eye was this write up of the history of… More →

Tickets On Sale For The First Ever PodsCamp

By / — Tickets are now on sale for the first ever PodsCamp. It’s being held in Dallas, TX on October 3rd, 2014, a day before WordCamp DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) with a ticket price of $50 each. Each ticket grants you access to… More →

Why You Might Consider Adding Development Hours to Your Changelog

By / — Jean Galea, who is a member of the Advanced WordPress group on Facebook, recently shared a plugin with an interesting changelog. It’s called Bulk Delete and is developed by Sudar Muthu, a developer based in Bangalore, India. The changelog not… More →

WordCamp Boston – Game Changer

By / — Boston—love it or hate it, you can’t deny it has a big personality. Boston is a place where Red Sox and Bruins’ lore meets the educational driver of technological innovation, and the country’s largest craft beer manufacturer shares a culture… More →