WordPress News Digest for Saturday, August 29, 2015

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Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails: Why You Need Them and What They Should Say

By / — In what seems to be an increasingly serious problem for online retailers, the average shopping cart abandonment rate has been bumping up against the 90% level as of late. Whether or not this rising trend continues is anyone’s guess but… More →

How to Create Clever Custom WordPress Shortcodes

By / — Why take the scenic route when you can take a shortcut? In today's Weekend WordPress Project, we give you the code to create your own shortcodes so you can run circles around WordPress with shortcuts and make posting to your… More →

Rigamortis Cover

By / — Great jazz cover of one of my favorite Kendrick Lamar songs, Rigamortis, which of course is inspired by the great jazz song The Thorn by Willie Jones III. More →

Twenty Sixteen is now on Github!

By / — To try things a bit differently this year, Twenty Sixteen is going to be developed on GitHub, just like a featured plugin, before it makes its way to core SVN and Trac. You can find it right here. Want to… More →