WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Alex King, Founder of Crowd Favorite Passes Away

By / — Alex King, who founded web development agency Crowd Favorite, and author of several WordPress themes and plugins passed away last night at his home. In January 2013, King was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. He used his blog to… More →

Blog SEO: make people stay and read your post

By / — When you succeed in getting visitors to one of your blogpost, you want them to stay and read your stuff. Readers (and especially first time visiting readers) are bored really quickly. You should grab their attention extremely fast and help them… More →

Free and Premium Options for Cloning and Duplicating a WordPress Website

By / — Making a copy of a WordPress website, and then installing it at another location might sound like a complicated task. However, this isn’t the case and there are some great tools out there which make the job a lot easier… More →

Hey i’m Dave Live in Belgium dutch speaking…

By / — Hey, i’m Dave. Live in Belgium dutch speaking part. I’m also co-organising the meetups in Antwerp. I was wondering if i can have access to nl-be.wordpress.org. I don’t know who requested it way back in 2011. I like to see… More →

Hi Everyone I need access to the es…

By / — Hi Everyone, I need access to the es_cl repository. My username is BredeBS. Can you grant me access please? Also I need to reactivated the same project (es_cl), right now is fully translate. Thanks a lot! More →

How to Add Content Upgrades in WordPress and Grow Your Email List

By / — Recently when our founder Syed Balkhi shared his 14-point pre-publish blog post checklist, many of you asked about how did he add the bonus download offer. That’s called a Content Upgrade, and it helps you get significantly more email subscribers.… More →

I have a Question It may have already…

By / — I have a Question. It may have already been answered and did not find where. All plugins translators will appear in the wp-admin credits.php? Even those who only translates a plugin and does not help in core translation? More →

Photos From WordCamp Tampa 2015

By / More →

Remembering Alex King

By / — One of the original WordPress developers, Alex King, has passed from cancer at far too young an age. Alex actually got involved with b2 in 2002 and was active in the forums and the “hacks” community there. Alex had a… More →

Science vs. Art – Is Data Killing Creativity In Marketing?

By / — Marketing is a numbers game mired in alphabet soup. We need to be able to measure ROI through MQLs, and SQLs. It’s clear that data offers marketers a number of opportunities, giving them more of an understanding of their target… More →

Set Your Blog Free With Libre

By / — Designed by Automattic’s Caroline Moore, Libre brings a stylish, classic look to your personal blog or longform writing site and … Continue reading → More →

Shortcode Roadmap Draft Two

By / — This is the second draft of the Shortcode API Roadmap. It describes in broad terms the changes that might take place across versions 4.4 through 4.7. This roadmap gives notice to plugin developers that significant changes in plugin design may be needed… More →

The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 6 – Building a Divi Consultancy with Geno Quiroz

By / — In this episode of Divi Nation we sit down with Geno Quiroz. Geno is a Divi specialist who runs his own web agency, does white label Divi work for other agencies, and consults on a wide variety of Divi related… More →

The Free Chat Plugin for WordPress: Get to Know Your Users

By / — Adding live chat to your site is not only convenient for your users, but can also help cut down on support expenses, increase sales and give you the edge over your competition. And with our free Chat plugin – available… More →

Tips for starting an international WooCommerce store

By / — Planning to start your own online store is a big move. It’s an even bigger move when you’re doing it outside of the US or Canada, or in a country where English isn’t the language of choice. If you’re an international… More →

UTM Parameters Explained: A Beginner’s Guide to Tracking Lead Sources

By / — As a marketer, one of your core motivations should be to prune the efforts that aren’t working and double down on the ones that are. But how do you know which efforts are producing a return and which are fruitless?… More →

Using PHP Session Cookies in WordPress

By / — I’ve always been scared of creating PHP session cookies. Cookies are an extremely widely used web technology consisting of little pieces of data that live on your device and remember things: for example, the last product you browsed on Amazon, or whether… More →

Using TED Videos in WP Video Robot Plugin

By / — Recently, I reviewed WP Video Robot, a useful plugin that lets you import and publish videos on your website from a variety of channels, such as YouTube and Daily Motion. Before going any further, just in case you have not… More →

Week in Core: Sept. 21-27, 2015

By / — Oh Snap!, it’s time to usher in a new edition of Week in Core! If you have the time, throw a house party with some friends and read the full force of changes on Trac; if not, don’t sweat it — take… More →

When Things Go South (With a Company, Clients, and More)

By / — Occasionally, I'm asked how I handle the situation when things go south with company, clients, people with whom I'm working, and so on. This is one of those things that if you were to ask a handful of different people… More →

WordCamp Seattle Beginner. 5 Reasons You Should Go. – BobWP

By / — On October 24th join me and a whole bunch of WordPress peeps for this WordCamp. Here are 5 reasons you should attend. The post WordCamp Seattle Beginner. 5 Reasons You Should Go. appeared first on BobWP. WordPress All The Time!… More →

WordPress & PHP 5.2

By / — It’s a love/hate relationship between WordPress and PHP that lately seems to be heated up due to still the minimal version being PHP 5.2. Specially plugin developers want to push the required version higher even though the stats show it’s… More →

WordPress 4.4 Removes the View Post and Get Shortlink Buttons From the Post Editor

By / — In WordPress 4.4, the View Post button in the post editor is disappearing in favor of a clickable permalink. Four years ago, Scribu, who is a former WordPress contributor, created ticket #18306. In the ticket, Scribu explains that the View… More →