WordPress News Digest for Sunday, November 29, 2015

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10 Tips to Increase Blog Post Engagement with Formatting & Organization

By / — We all started blogging because we wanted to be heard, right? And whether we are blogging for fun, to inspire, or to make money, without an audience your blog is nothing. But what happens if your audience isn’t consuming your… More →

Adding Video Backgrounds to WordPress: Pros and Cons

By / — Video backgrounds might be everything you're looking for – or everything you're looking to avoid. It's time you understood the challenges, nuances, and benefits that come from setting up video backgrounds on your WordPress site. More →

Hi for the plugin https wordpress org plugins…

By / — Hi, for the plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simplr-registration-form/ I would want to have a validator for German. de mudderguidede More →

On another note I would like to become…

By / — On another note, I would like to become editor/validator and oin the Dutch team for nl_NL. Is that possible? I already contributed about 400 strings as updates for old/broken strings. My nick is mpol. More →