WordPress News Digest for Monday, December 29, 2014

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40 Evocative and Beautiful One Page WordPress Themes

By / — One page sites are modern, to-the-point—and most important—eye-catching. This collection of one page WordPress themes offer standout visuals to reel in your next customer. More →

An Overview of the Widgets That Come With WooCommerce

By / — When you install WooCommerce, you will get several widgets installed as well. These are great for further customizing your sidebars with your products. Video Highlights When you install WooCommerce it gives you several widgets that you can use in sidebars… More →

An improved bbPress add-on for Restrict Content Pro

By / — A year and a half ago I released a basic add-on for Restrict Content Pro that allowed site admins to limit access to bbPress forums to paid subscribers. While it worked very well, it was pretty limited. It only had… More →

CSS Hero Review: Taking The Pain Out Of WordPress Customization

By / — No website is complete without a design that grabs and holds your reader’s attention. With so many themes for WordPress sites on the market, it can be easy be overwhelmed by the amount of choice. How do you know which… More →

EP118 – GPL, Trademarks, & Re-selling other people's plugins (OPP) – Dec 29 2014

By / — On this episode of WPwatercooler we will be discussing GPL, Trademarks and re-selling other people's plugins. We're recording this at a special time 5PM Pacific The post EP118 – GPL, Trademarks, & Re-selling other people's plugins (OPP) – Dec 29… More →

Fresh and Useful Resources for Web and WordPress Professionals

By / — A curated collection of quality resources for your next web or WordPress project, including freebies, plugins, tools, articles and more. More →

How Paul Graham Is Wrong

By / — I love Paul Graham’s essays and his latest is no exception: Let the Other 95% of Great Programmers In. I agree that the US deserves dramatically better immigration policies, but in the meantime I’m confused with the head-in-the-sand approach most… More →

Manage Code Snippets in WordPress with the Code Snippets Custom Post Type Plugin

By / — Maintaining a library of code snippets can save you time when coding similar tasks in the future. Although there are countless sites online where you can host code snippets, it’s more convenient to have them at your fingertips when writing… More →

Manage Outbound Links On Your WordPress Website with Pretty Link

By / — If you have lots of outbound links on your WordPress website, such as links to other websites, products, or services, then you may well be interested in using a plugin to manage them. The benefits of this is that you… More →

Monarch Review: Social Sharing WordPress Plugin from ElegantThemes

By / — Social proof is a thing of beauty. It sets you apart from the crowd, while improving your brand’s value. A… The post Monarch Review: Social Sharing WordPress Plugin from ElegantThemes appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Questioning WordPress Theme Design

By / — When talking about the difference in themes and plugins, it’s common for those involved in building projects for WordPress to know that functionality is usually left to plugins and that presentation is left to themes. This doesn’t mean there isn’t… More →

Should You Install Plugins Not Tested With Your WordPress Version?

By / — Often our users ask us about the warning that a plugin is not tested with their version of WordPress. Should you install plugins that plugin? or find another plugin? In this article, we will discuss why you should install plugins… More →

The WordPress template hierarchy explained

By / — What exactly is the WordPress template hierarchy? Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it really isn’t that hard to understand. In short: The template hierarchy for WordPress determines which template file the CMS will use […] The post The WordPress… More →

Themes Suck

By / — Run for the hills! Someone wants design advice! More →

This Month In WordPress — December 2014 Edition

By / — Well, it’s finally arrived. 2014 is all wrapped up and 2015 is ramping up to be yet another exciting year. I still can’t believe how time flew this year! To wrap up the year in a truly elegant fashion (see… More →

Top 15 Free WordPress Themes Released in 2014

By / — Looking back on the theme landscape of 2014, a clear design trend emerged that highlights WordPress’ roots as a blogging platform. Minimalist, content-centric themes took center stage in the official WordPress Themes Directory, outpacing their more visually-bloated commercial counterparts. This… More →