WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, December 29, 2015

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10 Ways We Improved The WP Engine Platform In 2015

By / — At WP Engine, we’re committed to making your WordPress experience great. One way we do that is by continually improving our platform to better meet your business needs. In 2015, we made several improvements to our platform to provide you… More →

Automattic’s WordAds Network is Now Open to Self-Hosted WordPress Sites

By / — Automattic announced today that its WordAds advertising network is now available to self-hosted WordPress sites via Jetpack and the new AdControl plugin. WordAds, which bears a name confusingly similar to Google’s AdWords, delivers all the advertising seen on WordPress.com’s free… More →

Determining if guest checkout is right for your store

By / — As our online activities increase, so do the number of online accounts in our names. It seems as if nearly every website out there asks you to “sign up” or “sign in” — and the process is hardly ever simple. Nor… More →

Hello dear Polyglots I would like to become…

By / — Hello dear Polyglots, I would like to become a Translation Editor to validate translations done in Punjabi PA-IN by translators and mine too. Also i have found that there is no any active translation editor to validate the translations in… More →

How to Create a Custom WordPress Login URL

By / — During the installation process, WordPress creates two default login URLs. I’m sure you’re already familiar with at least one of these, but the two are: wp-admin.php wp-login.php This happens during every WordPress installation. Given that these repetitive login URLs are… More →

How to Move Custom Domain Blogger Blog to WordPress

By / — In our Blogger to WordPress migration tutorial, one of our readers asked us for the step by step guide on moving custom domain blogger website to WordPress. Blogger allows you to use 3rd party custom domains as well as Google… More →

Pique: A Free Small Business Theme for WordPress

By / — Most of the themes created by the professional design team at WordPress.com are geared towards bloggers. Business themes make up a much smaller segment of those designed in-house. That’s why the latest Pique theme is an unusual and exciting release.… More →

Polyglots achievements in 2015 and goals for 2016

By / — Dear Polyglots, I was asked to fill a survey about our team’s work in 2015, so I’m sharing what I said in this post. As always, please add your comments and anything important you feel we need to add to… More →

Ship Fast and Iterate

By / — One of the phrases many involved in software will likely hear (especially early in their career) is "Ship fast and iterate." And there's definitely something to that when it's been implemented correctly. But when I've watched others trying to adopt… More →

Splendor: Hotel Directory WordPress Theme

By / — With easily accessible internet all over the world along with people’s need to look for the hotels before travelling has created great demand for online hotel directory, online hotel booking and other relevant websites. If you are thinking about creating… More →