WordPress News Digest for Friday, January 30, 2015

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12 Lessons I Learned at PressNomics

By / — Last weekend I attended my very first PressNomics. If you haven’t heard of it it’s a conference all about WordPress and business put on by Pagely. It’s a nice change of pace from a WordCamp where there are a lot… More →

40 Impressive (and Free!) WordPress Themes for Freelancers

By / — Showcasing your work beautifully and effectively is an essential part of being a freelancer. This collection of themes is perfectly suited to creatives, whether you're a writer, photographer, or artist. Best of all, they're free! More →

Auberge: A Beautiful Free Restaurant Theme for WordPress

By / — Restaurant themes don’t often land in the WordPress Themes Directory. In fact, there are barely a dozen listed among the 3,000+ themes on WordPress.org. One problem with many commercial restaurant themes is that they are usually marketed as a complete… More →

Complexity in Web Development: A Simple Guide

By / — This week over on WP Business Tips, Fred explains why the work of web developers is fundamentally different from that of other service providers.  If you’re in need of a great analogy to help you explain to clients why there’s… More →

Decisions on Documentation for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

By / — When I first launched the landing page for the WordPress Plugin Boilerplate last year, the main idea was to grow a site around the single landing page that offered code examples, how to’s, and other forms of documentation. But I’ve… More →

Designer’s Creed

By / — You might remember a few years back I talked about why Automattic has a creed, and shared ours. Here it is again: I will never stop learning. I won’t just work on things that are assigned to me. I know… More →

How To Use Your Media Uploader and Insert Photos Into WordPress Posts and Pages

By / — Adding images to your posts and pages do not only break up the text and make your posts easier to read, but can also increase your readership by adding the right photos. The Media Library is where all of your… More →

How to Change the Shape of User Avatars in WordPress

By / — Ever come across a site that has custom shapes for their user avatars or gravatars? Want to add the same style on your site? In the past, we have written about how to add round avatars using CSS, but that… More →

Improvements to the Features as Plugins First Model

By / — Earlier this month, I described how the features as plugins first model is a mess. Drew Jaynes, who is leading the development cycle for WordPress 4.2, is already making headway into improving the model. Unlike previous release cycles, feature plugins… More →

Mailbag: Trash the Blog Slug

By / — You can remove the blog slug on your multisite, but you may not actually want to. More →

Making the Most of Images On Your WordPress Website

By / — Images have become one of the most important elements of any website or social media campaign in 2014, and the trend is only increasing. There are two very important reasons you want images on your website. And it doesn’t matter… More →

Press This 1/29 Notes

By / — Discussed TinyMCE status will be added in the next day or so by @azaozz Media embeds UX for adding PT to home screen Extensions (pushed to a future release) PT fallback icon (if site doesn’t have an icon) Usability testing… More →

Revamp Your WordPress Site with a Handful of New Options

By / — Hello, guys! Here we have a series of very useful resources for all of you, WordPress fans. These themes and plugins can help you give your site a brand new look (making use of WordPress' ease of use when customizing)… More →

StackExchange Community Building Beta Provides a Valuable Resource for Digital Community Managers

By / — Online community building is like gardening. Whether you’re running an active blog, moderating forums, or managing a social network, you will encounter challenges in maintaining growth. Experienced community builders have a wealth of knowledge to share with those who are… More →

Tips For Creating Memorable Logos

By / — Have you ever noticed that some of the world’s top logos make no sense? At least not at first glance. Although you may admire the simple colors, a cleverly drawn graphic, or an innovative use of typography, most logos seem… More →

Torque Spotlight: Professional WordPress

By / — See details at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a copy of Professional WordPress! At the 2014 State of the Word, Matt Mullenweg, founder of the WordPress project, pointed out that […] The post Torque Spotlight:… More →

Weekly WordPress News: January Recap, Post Status Membership, Negative SEO & More.

By / — It’s nearly the end of January so I thought I would have a look back at this month, January is always quite a strange month for me: The first week is a little bit of a struggle getting back into… More →