WordPress News Digest for Thursday, April 30, 2015

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5 Steps for Making Your WordPress Blog Design Look More Professional

By / — If you’re not a designer, or don’t generally have an eye for design, it can be difficult to make the right choices when it comes to the look and feel of your blog. Here are a few steps you can… More →

8 Questions with Devin Price of WP Theming

By / — Welcome back to another edition of Pagely’s 8 Questions series. Every week we’ll be interviewing one of the best known faces in the world of WordPress. Today it’s the turn of developer and all-round WordPress expert, Devin Price. Dev is… More →

Apple Watch + iPhone Charging Station

By / — Since the Apple Watch: 1. needs to be charged every night, and 2. needs an iPhone to function every Apple Watch customer is a potential customer for an elegant solution that charges both their iPhone and Watch on their nightstand.… More →

Brunello Cucinelli, King of Cashmere

By / — I want to take a step backward. Who remembers the last email they sent yesterday? No one. Or the last text message. Emperor Hadrian used to say, “The daily business, the daily life, the daily chores, kills the human being.“… More →

Customer Story: PagePink

By / — PagePink is a beauty and wellness portal for women in Singapore. It offers local shoppers access to the top salons, spas, and wellness studios, and allows vouchers and appointments to be purchased online for future redemption. The website lists beauty… More →

Dev Chat Summary, April 29th

By / — Agenda, Slack log. Editor (#) @azaozz, @iseulde Want to concentrate on mobile improvements, especially the toolbar, other buttons around the editor, and ajax saving. @iseulde will publish a list of all items they’ll work on. We will need to test on many mobile devices in… More →

Develop WordPress Sites For Free And Work More Efficiently With Transferable Installs And Billing Transfer

By / — As a developer, your goal is to make slick and powerful websites for your clients and let your awesome work do the talking. You don’t want to deal with hosting invoices or chasing down your clients to pay for hosting… More →

Everything You Need to Know About Translating WordPress Plugins

By / — While there are plenty of articles about translating WordPress, very few of them go into specific details of how this is done and managed on a day-to-day basis. What happens when you change something in the code? What happens when… More →

Five Ways to Increase Sales with WordPress

By / — If you’re like many business owners, you find yourself wondering if your website is contributing to your business in a meaningful way. When a business website is optimized to attract prospects, capture leads, and increase sales, there is no doubt… More →

How Barış Ünver Lives and Works with Censorship in Turkey

By / — Doc Pop of Torquemag.io has published a great article featuring WordPress developer, Barış Ünver. Ünver is 27 years old and a Tuts+ author living in Ankara, the capital of Turkey. In the article, Ünver describes what it’s like to live… More →

How to Limit Comment Length in WordPress

By / — WordPress comments encourage discussions around your topic. However you may find that comments below a certain length or above a certain length are not very helpful. In this article, we will show you how to limit comment length in WordPress,… More →

I added a new forum to the Polish…

By / — I added a new forum to the Polish forums and I wanted to rearrange the forums but clicking “Edit Forum Order” does nothing. Can you please check it out? More →

ManageWP.org Launches the WordPress Events Hub

By / — “I was travelling the US last year and wanted to see which WordPress events I could attend along the route and there was no elegant solution to this problem. WordCamp Central lists only WordCamps without a map showing their location.… More →

New Free WordPress Themes for Bloggers from ThemeFurnace – Stacker & Exposition

By / — Since we relaunched ThemeFurnace with a new design and pricing strategy in June last year, we wanted to focus on creating free versions of our most popular themes for inclusion in the WordPress theme directory. It is a useful marketing… More →

Related: trying to turn my wrist the right way to …

By / — Related: trying to turn my wrist the right way to trigger the screen to come on is my biggest annoyance with the Apple Watch so far. More →

Restrict Content Pro version 2.1 released

By / — Restrict Content Pro version 2.1 has been in development for more than six months and finally, today, I am thrilled to announce that it has been released. This is a major release that introduces some very significant improvements and several… More →

Social Media Accounts to Follow to Learn About WordPress

By / — Learning WordPress often involves taking classes, watching videos and playing around with your own websites to understand exactly which skills… The post Social Media Accounts to Follow to Learn About WordPress appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Tammie Lister: Theme, Don’t Be My Everything

By / — If you have a little extra time today, check out Tammie Lister’s talk from WordCamp Maui this February. In this video, Tammie covers why we need to give up on the idea of “one theme to rule them all” and… More →

The fact that this generation Apple Watch has a sc…

By / — The fact that this generation Apple Watch has a screen that is off by default is going to seem ridiculous in a couple of years. More →

The real issue with ThemeForest

By / — One of the most controversial companies in the WordPress ecosystem is Envato, the company that owns the theme and template marketplace, ThemeForest. ThemeForest’s best selling product category is WordPress themes, and they are a behemoth […] The post The real… More →

This Month in WordPress—April 2015 Edition

By / — I know it’s almost May of 2015, but does anyone else find themselves still writing 2014? I catch myself doing it all the time! Guess my brain still needs time to register the new year… It’s the end of the… More →

This Week in WordPress: 4.2 Released and Another Security Scare

By / — This week’s round-up of WordPress news, views and reviews summarized in our daily email newsletter, The WhiP. Subscribe to The Whip for daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

Throwback Thursday

By / — With YoastCon in a few weeks, we decided to look back to what we posted five years ago and how that might have changed over the course of these five years. Let’s call it our Throwback Thursday post. “When you… More →

WPWeekly Episode 190 – Women in WordPress Roundtable

By / — This week’s episode of WordPress Weekly features Rebbeca Gill, Jennifer Bourn, and Carrie Dils to casually discuss women in WordPress, women in tech, and a variety of other topics. The guests share their personal experiences of being involved in the… More →

Want a Free Copy of WP Pusher?

By / — One of the more popular services that has to come to WordPress within the last year or so is the ability to integrate Git into your theme, plugin, and/or application development workflow. And why shouldn’t it? Services like GitHub and… More →

WordPress 4.3 to Focus on Mobile Experience, Admin UI, Better Passwords, and Customizer Improvements

By / — WordPress 4.3 development kicked off this week with release lead Konstantin Obenland at the helm. The main focus of this release will be to improve the experience of using WordPress on touch and small-screen devices. Contributors will also be renewing… More →

WordPress for Android 4.0 will be rolling out…

By / — WordPress for Android 4.0 will be rolling out on May 11th and we have some strings in the app that need translating: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev/ and also the release notes: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/android/dev/release-notes Maximum characters count for the release is 500. Thanks a ton,… More →