WordPress News Digest for Friday, May 30, 2014

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5 Questions You Need to Ask Before Developing Your Website

By / — What you need to know before starting your website design. You may or may not have been through building a website before.  It might not have been a great experience.  You’re likely not an expert in building a website and you… More →

A Beginner’s Guide To The WordPress Dashboard

By / — Whenever you login to your WordPress website, you are taken to your admin area. The first page you see is your admin home page; which displays the WordPress dashboard. The WordPress dashboard area gives you a general overview of your… More →

Automate These 30 WordPress Tasks with IFTTT

By / — Hook up your WordPress site with all sorts of services around the web to automate hundreds of tasks. More →

Beyond Blogs, WordPress for Enterprise: Highlights from WP Think Tank # 2

By / — What happens when you put 8 smart WordPress people in a virtual room and ask them to wax lyrical about the future of WordPress? WP Think Tank # 2! The two-hour long panel featured amazing WordPress […] The post Beyond Blogs,… More →

Contact Form 7 Storage Plugin

By / — Today I am releasing my very first commercial WordPress plugin called Storage for Contact Form 7 which keeps copies of all Contact Form 7 submissions in your WordPress dashboard. It is available on CodeCanyon for only $10 and it is licensed under… More →

Crowdfund on Your Own Site

By / — Thanks for subscribing to Rocket Lift Incorporated. Please enjoy this post from Douglas Detrick, a Rocketeer of Rocket Lift Inc.!You can run a crowdfunding campaign on your own WordPress site for a small flat flee, or even for free. Its… More →

Customizing Jetpack’s Sharing module

By / — One of my favorite feature in Jetpack is sharing, but if you are a theme designer/developer like me, it can … Continue reading → More →

C’mon Get Trac’in!

By / — When should you, that new user, use trac, and when should you not? More →

Do you use the Media Library to manage your media? Let's chat!

By / — A group of us have been look into improvements to the Media Library (Media > Library) interface in the admin dashboard. If you currently use Media Library, or have used it in the past, we want to ask you about… More →

Feuilles App Aims to Replace Editorially, Offers Publishing to Github, WordPress, and Dropbox

By / — Editorially closed its doors for good today, and with it goes all of the writing collaboration tools its users came to love. Unfortunately, some legal issues are currently preventing them from open sourcing the code for the application, but it’s… More →

GSoC: Editor Experiments

By / — I’ve not posted on /core before, so, hello everyone! I’m Janneke and I’m currently working on my GSoC project. I’m from Belgium, but I currently live in Scotland and study philosophy at the University of Glasgow. This is something different entirely, but… More →

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

By / — Første dag av Google Analytics Summit, et arrangement hvor Google Analytics Sertifiserte partnere, Premium-kunder og utviklere fra Google deltar, avslørte Google Analytics neste generasjon analyse for netthandel – Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. Metronet, som er en sertifisert Google Analytics partner,… More →

Guide to Making Your First Shortcode Plugin in WordPress

By / — This is a post from the Press Up blog which covers how to make a shortcode plugin for WordPress. If you’ve got some ideas for a shortcode, or have some specific content or code that you want to be able to… More →

Hide the Fact Your Website is Powered by WordPress with Hide My WP

By / — WordPress websites are susceptible to a wide range of attacks including SQL injections, brute-force attacks, and unauthorized logins. Security plugins… The post Hide the Fact Your Website is Powered by WordPress with Hide My WP appeared first on Best Premium… More →

More Thoughts on Why You Need a Team

By / — This is the second post in a series about my thoughts an experience in building a team. Read the first, as well.In the previous post in this two-part series, I talked about there are different types of teams that are… More →

PHP 5.6 enters final beta, up to 10% faster than 5.4, 5.5

By / — PHP 5.6 is about to enter its final beta this week or early next. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/php/php-src/PHP-5.6/NEWS It is now in “feature freeze” where only bug fixes will be applied to the code. While PHP 5.5 was actually SLOWER than PHP 5.4… More →

Podcasting with WordPress: Some Tips and Plugins to Help You Get Started

By / — Podcasting can be a great way to grow your audience, thanks to the additional way in which new listeners can find your content. It can also be a great way to better engage with your existing audience, who so far… More →

Stargazer featured on WordPress.org

By / — I'm happy to announce that Stargazer was put on the WordPress.org featured themes list today. The post Stargazer featured on WordPress.org appeared first on Justin Tadlock. More →

Support Team Update for May 29th

By / — Item discussed in today’s #wordpress-sfd support meetup: @jerrysarcastic‘s idea. Jerry’s been very popular these last few meetups. It was a fun conversation and mostly it revolved around what his idea is and where to put it for now. The What… More →

Thanks Go Out to Our Content Partner Media Temple

By / — This week we are pleased to send out thanks to Media Temple for their continued support in their role as our current content partner. If you or your clients are looking for affordable managed WordPress hosting then the package available… More →

The Importance of Backing Up Your WordPress Site

By / — Backing up your website regularly is vital. Every experienced website owner knows this. Unfortunately, many new WordPress users do not take backing up as seriously as they should. This is sometimes down to the assumption that everything will be ok.… More →

Tracks: A Free Bold WordPress Theme for Personal Blogs

By / — Tracks is a new free theme in the WordPress Themes Directory with a unique design that utilizes panoramic featured images. The homepage displays recent posts and a short excerpt for each, with big, bold images alternating down the page. If… More →

Why WordPress Consultants Should Care About Mobile Apps

By / — You’ve probably already seen the February 2014 data that we are now using mobile apps more than desktops to access the internet in the US. This indicates that those of us who depend on the […] The post Why WordPress… More →

WordPress Query Recorder Plugin: Record and Save Queries to a SQL File for Deployment

By / — Query Recorder is a new tool that allows developers to record queries while working in the WordPress admin. The plugin was created by Brad Touesnard, author of the popular WP Migrate DB plugin. Touesnard introduced Query Recorder earlier this month… More →

WordPress Think Tank 2 Now Available To Watch

By / — The second ever WP Think Tank hosted by Troy Dean is now available to watch. WP Think Tank is a by-product of the WP Elevation podcast. The two hour-long show is filled with great information from some of the brightest… More →