WordPress News Digest for Friday, June 30, 2017

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Announcing a weekly new contributors meeting

By / — As discussed at the last core dev chat, we will begin holding weekly meetings focused on new contributors to WordPress core, starting with our first meeting (plus potentially alternate timeslots to accommodate contributors of all time zones, please comment below with… More →

Media meeting recap – June 29, 2017

By / — Overview This post is a summary of the latest weekly Media component meeting, which took place in #core-media on Slack, on . The purpose of these meetings are to move priority tasks forward, provide feedback on issues of interest, and… More →

The Best WordPress Deals for the 4th of July Independence Day 2017

By / — Next Tuesday is the 4th of July and we are wishing all our American readers a Happy Independence Day! We would like to make this holiday brighter for you guys by sharing these great Independence Day WordPress Deals! If you have… More →

Starting a Divi Training Business with Adam Inlay – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 50

By / — Hey Divi Nation, welcome to another episode of our podcast and video show. This week I got to sit down and chat with Adam Inlay of AdamInlay.com. Adam is an avid Divi Community member who is very active in the… More →

Best Practices For SEO And CRO In Ecommerce [Upcoming Webinar]

By / — Implementing commerce functionality on your website is a great idea for making digital and tangible goods more accessible globally. But to actually be found on the web is another story. Online discovery very much relies on SEO (search engine optimization) and… More →

Theme Review Meeting Summary: June 27, 2017

By / — Slack Link Meeting Schedules Plan to change to 2 meetings per month – one with a set agenda and one with an open floor Other 2 weeks would be dedicated to projects Proposal to have a meeting topics page where… More →

JavaScript Chat Summary for June 27th

By / — Below is a summary of the discussion from this week’s JavaScript chat (agenda, Slack transcript):  A post about the JavaScript framework decision for core is delayed to give more time for feedback. The Weekly JavaScript chats will continue on the… More →

Weekly WordPress News: Gutenberg Reaction Week

By / — With the release of the Gutenberg beta plugin to the public, this past week has been packed full of Gutenberg reviews and reactions. You can find some of our favorites below. As is the norm for the end of the… More →

Weekly WordPress News & More From wpMail.me

By / — A lot happens around the WordPress ecosystem in a week. Far too much for most people, myself included, to really keep handle on it all. Round-up email newsletters with good curation are one of my most-used crutches to catch back… More →

The Very Big Marketing Guide for WordPress: 100+ Resources

By / — You start a business and think, “Well, the hard work is done. Now it’s time to make money.” Right… But where is that money going to come from? Sorry to burst your bubble, but there’s still a lot more work… More →

Adding JSON-LD structured data with Google Tag Manager

By / — You’ve probably heard us talk a lot about structured data, Schema.org and JSON-LD. Schema structured data on your site can result in highlighted search results. In this article, we’ll show you how to implement structured data using the JSON-LD Schema.org… More →

This Post Was Written on Gutenberg

By / — Overall, I like Gutenberg, but it's rough and has some bugs. The post This Post Was Written on Gutenberg appeared first on Half-Elf on Tech. More →

The Difference Between a WordPress Freelancer and Solopreneur

By / — Being a freelancer is awesome. It’s hard work, but it’s awesome. I spent nearly a decade teaching college English before I struck out on my own as a freelancer, and I don’t regret the career change even a little. When… More →

What’s new in Gutenberg? (June 30)

By / — 0.3.0 🐡: Added framework for notices and implemented publishing and saving ones. Implemented tabs on the inserter. Added text and image quick inserts next to inserter icon at the end of the post. Generate front-end styles for core blocks and enqueue… More →

24 Best WordPress Themes for Crowdfunding

By / — Are you looking for a WordPress theme for crowdfunding? Many WordPress themes are geared towards corporate or blogging websites and may not be a good fit to help you raise funds for your organization. In this article, we will share… More →

Is Bitcoin in a Bubble? Comparison and Contrast With Tulip Mania

By / — Last week I was following a discussion in Malta’s Bitcoin group on Facebook. The main point being discussed was whether Bitcoin is one huge bubble similar to the Tulip mania craze in the 17th century Netherlands. Given the articles we… More →

How to Conduct an eCommerce WordPress Website Audit Like a Jedi

By / — Many people who sell online say that the main tool that keeps their sites relevant is the audit. They’re right because it identifies issues with the website and offers ways to resolve them. By issues, I don’t mean only technical… More →

The Basics of Selling Your Services Online – BobWP

By / — In todays podcast we talk about how selling your services online puts you in the spectrum on eCommerce. Here are some basic tips to help guide you as you make the decision to start selling your professional services via your… More →

Divi Builder vs MotoPress Content Editor: Which Page Builder Wins?

By / — Struggling to pick the perfect page builder for your WordPress site? I already compared two giants in the form of Divi vs Elementor. Now, I’m back again to throw Divi Builder into the fray once more. Only this time, I’ll… More →

Weekly Roundup: June 30, 2017

By / — I know this isn’t really WordPress related, but kind of a neat thing for the serial entrepreneurs in the crowd: Shopify has created an eCommerce business exchange to post Shopify eCommerce businesses for sale. Even if you’re not buying, it’s… More →

EP239 – Cleaning your WordPress Dashboard of Notifications – WPwatercooler

By / — This week on WPwatercooler we'll be discussing how to clean your WordPress dashboard on notifications. The post EP239 – Cleaning your WordPress Dashboard of Notifications – WPwatercooler appeared first on WPwatercooler. More →