WordPress News Digest for Thursday, July 30, 2015

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30+ Free Pro Resources for Building Killer WordPress Websites in Way Less Time

By / — There are certain tricks of the trade web developers pick up after spending a few years in the industry, starting with having the right tools at hand. This big resource list will help you arm yourself with everything you need… More →

A month without Facebook: what I missed most

By / — Today I reinstated my Facebook account after disabling it four weeks ago. I took a break because I was caught in an endless loop of reading status updates and playing games. For me, Facebook was a huge waste of time. This week,… More →

Advanced Ads

By / — In the last couple of years I grew my own websites to a large number of visits and decided to monetize them with ads. Little did I anticipated that this decision changed my life as a developer and a publisher… More →

An Eventful Friday Night + New Trial

By / — Hi Everyone, On Friday afternoon I had my initial interview for the TAS-102 trial. As is standard with these appointments, we reviewed my history, the treatment schedule, side effects (they sound relatively mild), and I signed the consent form to… More →

Being a Pragmatic Programmer in WordPress

By / — Don't let anyone let you feel like a lower quality developer because you know or you don't use whatever tools they use. That's immaturity on their part. You can always learn new tools (people do it everyday both in our… More →

Consider These 7 Things When Setting Up Shipments

By / — You started your eCommerce business and it’s taken off. Products are selling and customers need to receive it all. How are you getting everything from point A to point B? Shipping can get frustrating fast. But it doesn’t have to… More →

Hong Kong Morning

By / — The upside of jet lag, like Om discovering the streets of Paris, are enjoying parts of the day you might not normally be awake for, like a beautiful sun rise. Here’s a time lapse I made of the Victoria Harbor… More →

How to Choose a Perfect Color Scheme for Your WordPress Site

By / — Are you having a hard time deciding on your website’s color scheme? Choosing the right color combination not only increases your site’s visual appeal, but it can also generate favorable response from your visitors in terms of sales and conversions.… More →

New WooCommerce Workshop in Seattle – BobWP

By / — If starting an online shop is on your to-do list and you have been considering using WooCommerce, this workshop is for you. Or perhaps you have just started and need a good run-down on the options and features you have… More →

Pravda Theme Review: A Glossy, Grid Layout WordPress Theme for Blogs or Magazines

By / — Today we are looking at an interesting blogging theme named Pravda, it places an emphasis on your content with a nicely styled grid layout for your blog posts. It also has support for WooCommerce so you can use it to… More →

Stop pushing the web forward

By / — Native apps will always be much better at native than a browser. Instead, we should focus on the web’s strengths: simplicity, URLs and reach. The innovation machine is running at full speed in the wrong direction. We need a break.… More →

Support Team Meetup Summary for July 23rd

By / — Items discussed at today’s Support Team meetup: WordPress 4.3 RC1 People are testing, that’s good. More people should be testing. Also, don’t panic, Site Icon controls are now available in the Customizer only. If you find a non-alpha/beta post in… More →

The Pros and Cons of Income Reports (and the Income Reports You Should Be Following)

By / — Why, in an age when online privacy is a bigger issue than ever before, are some bloggers happy to share one of their most personal of details: How much they earn. That’s right: every month, bloggers are sharing a line-by-line… More →

Yuuta: A Free Visual Diary Theme for WordPress

By / — Earlier this month, a new proposal landed on trac, advocating the removal of post formats from core. Many believe that this feature would be better as a plugin, since it has received little improvement over the years and is not… More →