WordPress News Digest for Sunday, August 30, 2015

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How to Add Admin Alerts and Error Messages to the Backend of WordPress

By / — You know the little admin notices in the backend of WordPress that tell you stuff like "WordPress X is now available. Please update now."? Well, they're super easy to create and customize if you want to display alerts to clients… More →

Interlude: Theme update

By / — A quick note to say hello to a new theme for the miniblog. Hi! More →

Shortcodes roadmap

By / — The Shortcode API is well loved by developers. Thousands of plugins use it for many cool features. Unfortunately it wasn’t documented well when it was added. Even now the documentation is somewhat incomplete. The API was also very permissive, allowing… More →

The Washington Post: publishing observations

By / — There’s a good story over at Journalism.co.uk on the Washington Post redesign (“New WaPo ‘flexible’ homepage completes site redesign“). Here’s a quote that stands out: If you’re going to be quicker, agile and innovative, you can’t be in a place… More →

Tools and Tips to Make Your WordPress Blog Content Super-Accessible

By / — An award-winning blog serves up information to readers like a five-star restaurant. Taxonomies are the menu advertising “food” to both guests and SEO spiders. Categories and tags are part of the active ingredients that make your bouillabaisse bubble with tasty… More →