WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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4.4 Dev Chat, September 30: Suggest items for today’s agenda

By / — Here are my agenda items for today’s Dev Chat in the #core channel on Slack. Time/Date: : Feature Plugin Merge Window Opens REST API Responsive Images oEmbed Twenty Sixteen Gardening 6 weeks, 995 commits Since 4.3 268 in the past 7… More →

5 Ways Most People Forget to Keep WordPress Secure

By / — If you’re new to WordPress development you might be too focused on improving your PHP and making your site look good to think about security. This quick post from Torque is a great place to start, and gives you some good… More →

8 Simple Pricing Tips to Boost Your Theme or Plugin Sales Today

By / — After months of development, you have a great new WordPress theme or plugin ready for sale. You’re confident your product will help users and be worth every penny of its price. But what should that price actually be? Let’s consider… More →

Add WooCommerce Products Directly to the Google Shopping API

By / — Google Shopping is becoming a staple in the online retail marketing mix. This is likely because advertisers can experience higher CTR (click-through rates) and better qualified leads with Google Shopping’s Product Listing Ads compared to text ads. More →

Agenda for the Polyglots chat on September 30th

By / — Here’s the agenda for today’s chat at 10:00 UTC: Locale stats meta-i18n updates Plugin/theme translations Theme/plugin directories Per locale notifications for GTE Open Discussion More →

Changing Git History

By / — It's back to the future when you make too many commits in git! More →

Cookies and WordPress: How to Set, Get and Delete

By / — Cookies are the workhorse of much of the online world yet most people remain blissfully unaware of how and why they're used. So we're lifting the lid on the basics to show you how to create, retrieve and destroy your… More →

Feature Plugin Merge Proposal: oEmbed

By / — For the past 6 years, users have been able to embed YouTube videos, tweets and many other resources on their sites through a nifty feature called oEmbed. Today, we (mainly me, @pento and @melchoyce) ask to consider extending this feature by… More →

Help Your Readers Find You with a Smart, Short-version Bio – BobWP

By / — A short-form bio on your home page is a great way to snag the interest of readers when they first land on your site, but it can be tricky to write. Here are some things to think about. The post… More →

Hi In es cl we don’t have the…

By / — Hi!. In es_cl we don’t have the branch for 4.4, and we can’t access to the svn to create (at least with my account). Hope somebody could help us. Thanks! More →

Howdy Polyglots I’m one of the plugin authors…

By / — Howdy Polyglots! I’m one of the plugin authors of WooCommerce – https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/. We have a number of great translation editors that we’d like to be able to approve translation for our plugin(s). Please add the following WordPress.org users as translation… More →

Make it Easy for Users to Setup Your Themes: Demo Content, Importer, Plugin & Widget Setup

By / — One of the most frustrating things for buyers of commercial themes is when they activate a theme on their site and it looks nothing like the theme demo. Theme demos are created to show off the theme in the best… More →

Proposal: Make/Core Post Guidelines

By / — During the 4.3 retrospective, one commonly mentioned theme was make/core posts and improving their style and language. All active contributors should review this post and comment with your feedback. This is a DRAFT and a PROPOSAL, it is not a… More →

Responsive Images: Merge Proposal

By / — The RICG WordPress Team is proposing a partial merge of the RICG Responsive Images plugin into core in version 4.4. Specifically, we are proposing to add native srcset and sizes support to WordPress (ticket #33641). Purpose As of today, the average web page currently… More →

Slack: Good for Talking to Martians, and Other Things Too!

By / — The importance of good communication has been communicated to death. We get it. I’ll spare you the lecture on why communication is important and just take the next few minutes to talk up a really awesome communication tool: Slack. It’s… More →

Solution to WooCommerce error: Sorry, no products matched your selection. Please choose a different combination.

By / — In one of our clients’ sites using WooCommerce, we got a popup message saying: Sorry, no products matched your selection. Please choose… Continue Reading… This post was originally published at Solution to WooCommerce error: Sorry, no products matched your selection. Please choose… More →

The 10 Key Elements of The WordPress Back End Explained For Beginners

By / — Many first-time bloggers and other website owners don’t come from a web or software development background. If you’re reading this,… The post The 10 Key Elements of The WordPress Back End Explained For Beginners appeared first on Best Premium &… More →

Themify Flow: A New Drag-and-Drop Framework that Kicks Butt

By / — Released in June of 2015, Flow is a relatively new theme available from Themify. With 48 themes available in their shop at the time of this writing, it’s safe to say that Themify know a thing or two about WordPress.… More →

WP RSS Aggregator Releases New Widget Add-On

By / — This week the WP RSS Aggregator plugin added a new premium add-on to the collection – the Widget add-on. This add-on allows you to add a widget to any section of your WordPress site to display a list of imported feed items from… More →

What Your Website Says About You…

By / — Customer trust and brand advocacy are often attributed solely to the operational customer service a business delivers – and understandably so, as this is absolutely core to building trust. However, the importance of first impressions cannot be overstated. A customer… More →

Why I Still Use Path

By / — About two years ago, I wrote about My Day-To-Day: Path and why I was a fan of the social network. Two years ago – which is roughly a decade in Internet years, right? – and a lot has happened since… More →