WordPress News Digest for Saturday, December 30, 2017

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Divi Plugin Highlight: Migrate Divi Theme Settings

By / — One of the many advantages of Divi is the ability to import and export your theme settings. This means you can build a site in one location, such as an offline server or test site, and then move those settings… More →

2017: A year in review

By / — A few years ago when I was doing client work, we would regularly host clients’ sites and apps for them. During this time, I was responsible for both development and keeping them up and running as much as possible. Most… More →

Laravel Command To Import Into Algolia

By / — In the previous article we investigated how you can use Algolia with Laravel to create a realtime search. In this tutorial we learnt about the Laravel Scout command of import… More →

How to Style Your Bloom Email Opt-Ins to Match Your Site’s Design

By / — In case you’ve missed it, we’ve recently launched a new design initiative where we provide y’all free, professional Divi layout packs every week. They’re fully functional and ready to use straight out of the .zip file, and that’s awesome. But… More →

Weekly WordPress News: More Plugin Backdoors At WordPress.org

By / — As you’d expect, this past week was fairly quiet on the WordPress news front. Wordfence did some good digging on three recently compromised plugins. And you can check out the results of the WordPress survey data at the WordPress News… More →