WordPress News Digest for Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Federated Wikipedia

By / — A federated Wikipedia by Jon Udell talks about the ossification happening in the Wikipedia community, caused in part by its attachment to rules that were created with the best of intentions. All open source communities, including WordPress, have to be… More →

Genesis eNews Extended Widget with MailChimp Tutorial

By / — If you use MailChimp to build your lists, whether it’s for your newsletter or your blog subscribers, the Genesis eNews Extended widget might be a great option. In this tutorial you will learn: Where to find the code you need… More →

How to Change JPEG Compression in WordPress

By / — WordPress automatically compresses JPEG images, which can be helpful in improving performance, but it also means your images don't look their best. If you would rather control image compression on your site, or want to control be more aggressive in… More →

Improving Mobile Flow in 4.2

By / — Over on make/flow, we’ve been flow testing core, posting visual records, and opening tickets tagged make-flow. During 4.2, we’re going to highlight a couple of these flow tickets every week, with an emphasis on mobile. Here is a small selection… More →

John Scalzi on Semicolons

By / — I write novels. And with just about every novel I write, I try to do something new or different that I haven’t done before, in order to challenge myself as a writer, and to keep developing my skills. In The… More →

Theme Switcher: Accessibility test result

By / — Accessibility test results of the new Customizer Theme Switcher Tested: Customizer Theme Switcher Beta Version 0.7 On WordPress 4.2-Alpha nightly build Testers: @afercia (keyboard, screen-reader, code review, report) @trishacupra (keyboard) The report is divided into: Must have Nice to have… More →

This Month In WordPress — January 2015 Edition

By / — OK, seriously… How is it possible that we’ve already blazed through the first month of the new year? Winter is starting to wind down a bit — unless you live on the East Coast (stay warm out there guys!) —… More →