WordPress News Digest for Tuesday, March 31, 2015

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5 Best WordPress Appointment and Booking Plugins

By / — Do you want to allow your customers to make an appointment directly from your WordPress site? Whether you are a dentist, hair salon, consultant, or manage a hotel, being able to book an appointment is essential for business. In this… More →

Amazon Dash Button… why is this not an app?

By / — With Amazon Dash Button, you just press, and never run out. Choose from favorite household products. Amazon Dash Button is a branded thing all over your house, one for every product. How much more sense would it make for this… More →

Behind the Curtain with DerpPress, WordPress’ Anonymous Satirical Twitter Account

By / — For the past two years, the DerpPress Twitter account has been cranking out tweets to amuse followers with clever puns and subtle commentary on WordPress news and development. Of all the anonymous accounts devoted to tweeting WordPress-related humor, DerpPress is… More →

Calvin and Hobbes And Mindfulness

By / — Fun read by J.D. Andre: What Calvin and Hobbes taught me about mindfulness. I’ve been practicing daily with the Calm app. More →

Catch Pagely Co-Founder/CEO Joshua Strebel on these two great podcast’s

By / — Our co-founder Joshua Strebel was recently interviewed by Kirk Bowman on his successful Art of Value podcast to discuss value pricing. Listen here. A simple question with many complex answers: How do you create happy customers and earn more money? Joshua… More →

Display Your Best Content With the WordPress Popular Posts Widget

By / — There are lots of great WordPress plugins out there which add useful widgets to your website, or give you more control over how the sidebars and other widget-friendly areas of your website function. Some examples we’ve covered on this blog… More →

Four Reasons to Fall in Love with Sass for WordPress (if You Haven’t Already)

By / — I presented at WordCamp Seattle over the weekend, about a tool that has made my frontend development work way easier: Sass, the CSS preprocessor. It was really fun, and I’m still on a Sass kick, so this week I’m singing… More →

Handbook Examples: Stylesheets and Scripts

By / — Let us continue with making some examples, shall we? This one will focus on scripts and stylesheets. No hard coding of scripts, styles and Favicons unless a browser workaround script. Everything should be enqueued. This does include the main stylesheet.… More →

How StoryCorps uses WordPress to enable storytelling everywhere

By / — StoryCorps.me enables anyone to create and share powerful stories. Just launched as an iOS and Android app, the website that provides the app infrastructure is built on WordPress, utilizing the WordPress REST API. Here's how StoryCorps.me came to be. More →

Improving your workflow with DesktopServer

By / — If you’re a WordPress developer, you know that there are lots of helpful tools out there to choose from. In this article, we are going to take a look at ServerPress.com’s DesktopServer—a tool designed to […] The post Improving your… More →

Introducing Hew

By / — Hew, a new theme crafted by Automattic’s Ola Laczek, is now available for self-hosted WordPress users. “Ryu was my initial … Continue reading → More →

Letting Perfect Get in the Way

By / — I’ve been contemplating a phrase for a few days now. It applies to writing code, as I do for a living, as well as a whole host of other things… from relationships, to home life, life goals and endeavors… the… More →

ManageWP Orion Developer Diary #2

By / — It’s been almost a month since we kicked off the Orion Developer Diary. It’s crunch time in the ManageWP HQ, and we’ve got some great news for you. You Were Promised Backups In The Previous Diary Read more on ManageWP… More →

Managing Access to Plugins (So Clients Don’t Break Their Site!)

By / — When building WordPress sites for clients we often rely on plugins to provide the core functionality of our product. The trouble is, if a client inadvertently deactivates a plugin, it could break the site, or at the very least severely… More →

Michael Abrash @ F8 and Quick Thoughts on VR

By / — To me it’s quite remarkable that Michael Abrash and John Carmack have been reunited at Oculus and now at Facebook. They drove much of the innovation in first person 3D games while at id Software, with games such as Doom… More →

Online Tools That Help Me In a Pinch – BobWP

By / — I would like to share with you some tools online that I use in a pinch: for those little tasks or gathering some quick info. Some are directly related to WordPress while others are not. But I promise you, they… More →

Pictures from WordCamp Atlanta 2015

By / More →

Reminder: Core meetings move up an hour starting this week (DST)

By / — Following the Daylight Saving Time change in Europe over the weekend, all core meeting times will move up an hour, bringing those in North America and surrounding areas back in sync with those in Europe. Contributor team and development meetings… More →

Safely Add Code Snippets to Your Functions.php File with a Free Plugin

By / — We recently looked at a plugin called Header and Footer. This free plugin gives you a safe and easy way to add code to those two areas of your WordPress website. While that is very useful, there is another plugin… More →

Scaling WordPress For High Traffic: A Developer Guide [Free Download]

By / — Do you want your WordPress site to scale to accommodate high traffic volumes? This week, we published a brand new developer guide, “Scaling WordPress For High Traffic.” In it, we arm you with best practices to get your site ready… More →

Screen Reader Text in output of comments_popup_link

By / — As of WordPress 4.2, the output of comments_popup_link now uses .screen-reader-text in themes using the default strings in calls to comments_popup_link. The accessibility team has put together a post on hiding text for screen readers that includes sample code to… More →

Storefront 1.4 – now more accessible!

By / — The ‘accessibility-ready‘ tag on the theme directory at wordpress.org is still quite young, but it’s still a shame to see that in a catalog of thousands of themes, only a handful are considered accessibility ready. It’s probably not the first feature… More →

This Month in WordPress—March 2015 Edition

By / — Yup, March has come and gone, and that means it’s time for our monthly roundup post here on the Elegant Themes Blog. How’s your year going so far? I know like myself, many of you see 2015 as the year… More →

Varsita – Themeum’s New Solution for Your LMS

By / — WordPress has been used for possibly every website imaginable, and one of the types of sites that seems to be growing in popularity with WordPress is that of an LMS – a Learning Management System. Both themes and plugins have… More →

We must be our own beta audience.

By / — Using the beta tester plugin, I follow trunk through every phase of development via five devices (iPhone 5, iPhone 6+, Nexus 5, iPad Air, Macbook). With the plugin installed, select “Bleeding edge nightlies”. Every day, your site will auto update to the… More →

What’s a Better Name for the Happiness Bar?

By / — If you’ve attended a WordCamp, you might be familiar with the term Happiness Bar. It’s an area within a WordCamp venue devoted to providing technical support for WordPress. Morten Rand-Hendriksen thinks it’s time to change the name to something more… More →

WordPress Meta Data: Use IDs (Not Titles)

By / — One of the features that I’ve often found myself having to implement when building custom solutions for others is implementing some type of select box – be it multi-select or single select – or another similar input element that’s [naturally]… More →

WordPress Theme Directory Improvements Boost User Engagement, Commercial Themes Page Still Recovering

By / — WordPress.org launched a new design for the Theme Directory just over a month ago and the meta team has continued to fix bugs and add enhancements. Preliminary stats and feedback indicate that the directory improvements have had a positive impact… More →

WordPress Ticketing System Plugin: WPHelpDesk Plugin Review

By / — If you run a service or sell a product then providing support is an essential part of doing your business online, inevitably you will acquire customers who need help at one point or another. One the best and easiest ways… More →

iThemes Exchange Review: Is This the Fastest Way to Sell Online with WordPress?

By / — iThemes Exchange is billed as a simple ecommerce system for WordPress. It’s a solution that has been created for anyone… The post iThemes Exchange Review: Is This the Fastest Way to Sell Online with WordPress? appeared first on Best Premium… More →

“I just hugged the man who murdered my son”

By / — Mary Johnson speaks with Oshea Israel, who killed her son in 1993. This is one of the most moving three minutes of audio I’ve ever listened too. An incredible story of forgiveness, taking responsibility, and second chances. Source: StoryCorps |… More →