WordPress News Digest for Thursday, March 31, 2016

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10 Sneaky WordPress Features You (Probably?) Don’t Know About

By / — Discovering new features on a familiar toy is an experience we’ve all had. It’s an exciting moment when that new thing clicks: “Oh, I can do that!? Sweet!” There never seems to be an expiration date on that type of… More →

As of Today, We’re Giving Everything Away… For Free!

By / — We're now giving away every single one of our premium plugins and themes 100% free for you to keep and enjoy forever. More →

Get Keyword Frequency In PHP

By / — In this tutorial we're going to find out how we can get the keyword frequency from a string or even a webpage in PHP. This information is useful when you're trying to work out the SEO of a page so… More →

Hello Polyglots team The present team for Sindhi…

By / — Hello Polyglots team, The present team for Sindhi (sd) seems busy with their schedules as I have witnessed little progress on .org translation. I am willing to take the responsibility as General Translation Editor for Sindhi and help get things… More →

Hi i have updatet a version of danish…

By / — Hi i have updatet a version of danish lang.. see this : https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/anspress-question-answer How and when do it updat the version so i can use it ? More →

How to level up your store’s category pages

By / — Much of the eCommerce advice you’re going to find online will talk about improving your product pages, your shopping cart, or some crucial element within. And why not? These are important aspects of an online store that determine whether a purchase… More →

Iterating on Feature Plugins

By / — Feature plugins appeared in the wake of the 3.6 release cycle, in which two large efforts were reverted before the final release: a UI for content using post formats and a refreshed aesthetic for the admin, notably with a new… More →

Key Steps to Build a WordPress Business Website

By / — WordPress is highly flexible CMS and can serve as a basis for blogs or fully-fledged business sites. It provides the easiest way of build a professional looking website with no knowledge of web development. It gives easy tools to quickly… More →

Managed WordPress Hosting: 4 Amazing Business Outcomes

By / — Website Muscle, a web development and online marketing firm, recently partnered with WP Engine to power and manage their WordPress site. The agency has found WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting services to be an integral part of its success in keeping… More →

March 31st Support Team Meeting Summary

By / — WordPress 4.5 RC WordPress 4.5 RC 1 is out, as is the 4.5 Field Guide, and so far we haven’t noticed anything consistent or otherwise worth highlighting in our testing. Please do test the RC when you can. If we… More →

Modern Tribe Acquires GigPress

By / — Capitola, CA (March 25, 2016) – Modern Tribe, Inc., a full-stack development agency with extensive experience developing and supporting WordPress plugins, is excited to announce the acquisition of GigPress, a live performance listing plugin for WordPress, effective immediately. More →

One Strategy For Preparing Presentations

By / — If you were to ask me about preparing presentations several years ago, my advice would've been very different than it is today. I would have said something like this: – Come up with an idea about which you want to… More →

Top Websites to Get Hired as a Freelance WordPress Developer

By / — Being a WordPress developer is a great profession, gives you a lot of freedom, offers creativity and flexible working hours. It also happens to be a great time to be in this profession as over a quarter of websites are… More →

What is demo content?

By / — When a user activates a theme, they have an expectation of seeing their photos, theirs shop, their contributors and all of their content with a new style or twist. Themes provide this ability to showcase user content in different ways.… More →

Where Does WordPress Store Images on Your Site?

By / — Are you wondering where does WordPress store images on your website? Many beginners users have asked us how does WordPress store images and what they can do to organize their media library more effectively. In this article, we will explain… More →

[Resolved] Plugin Updates Currently Slow

By / — 1930 UTC March 31 – The servers are now back in sync, but please be kind. Rewind. Or at least wait more than normal for updates to packages 🙂 Multiple pushes not necessary today. Original Post Every time someone submits… More →

wpDataTables – A Superhero Plugin That Lends You a Helping Hand

By / — It’s a seemingly simple task – according to the client; and it has to be done today. You could handle it, if only you had more time; a lot more time in fact. Excel isn’t the solution. You need to… More →