WordPress News Digest for Thursday, July 31, 2014

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Are You Going to WordCamp NYC?

By / — WordCamp NYC kicks off Friday with contributor day—a day geared towards contributing to the WordPress project—at NYU Kimmel Center!  The main event, on Saturday and Sunday, will be held at the New York Marriott at […] The post Are You… More →

BP Project Framework: A Boilerplate for Custom BuddyPress Projects

By / — Developers who are new to BuddyPress sometimes find BP templates confusing to work with. Common questions include: Why are there so many? Where do I place the files? How can I override the templates in my project? BP Project Framework… More →

Best .htaccess Snippets to Improve WordPress Security

By / — WordPress security is one of the most undermined factors amongst novice bloggers. In an unsupervised WordPress installation, there are quite… The post Best .htaccess Snippets to Improve WordPress Security appeared first on Best Premium & Free WordPress Themes. More →

Doing action

By / — It’s been three weeks since our birthday and we’re all slowly recovering from the sugar overload. Apart from eating cake our team got busy with some impressive WordPress contributions. Team work Cobus worked on the WordCamp Cape Town 2014 site which is… More →

DradCast Episode 053: Turn Down For What

By / — Show Notes Host Kevin Dees started with a GeoCities website, nowadays he is the owner of the web consulting agency Robojuice and the creator of TypeRocket. He has also co-hosted the Web Weekly and SitePoint […] The post DradCast Episode… More →

Five of the Top ecommerce Fears – And How Your Business Can Allay Them

By / — So you’ve found a great product, put together an awesome business/marketing plan, and built a beautiful ecommerce store – yet sales figures are far from envisioned, and conversion rate is low. What could have possibly gone wrong?  Despite the breakneck… More →

Free Files For August 2014

By / — Each month the Envato marketplace brings you free premium files. Envato is a web marketplace where you can get premium files for different areas of your website. My favourite marketplaces are the script marketplace CodeCanyon and the theme marketplace ThemeForest.… More →

Guide to Understanding Keywords for SEO When Creating Content

By / — If you are aren’t exactly sure of what keywords are and how to use them when writing content for your website, or how they are used in 2014, then this post over at WP Business Tips should be able to shed… More →

Hosting Review: SiteGround Shared Hosting

By / — This is a commissioned review of SiteGround’s shared hosting, based on one month of independently testing the product. The findings and opinions in this review are entirely our own. The product We tested the “Go Geek” tier of SiteGround’s shared… More →

How To Change The Default View Of The WordPress Media Library Uploader

By / — When adding or editing images in the WordPress media library, there is a drop down menu that allows you to filter between all media items, only the items uploaded to the post, images, audio, and video. By default, the media… More →

How to Find and Install WordPress Plugins from GitHub

By / — There are hundreds of WordPress plugins available on GitHub. In the past, we showed you how to manually install plugins/themes from GitHub. Some of our users wanted to know if there was an easier way. In this article, we will… More →

Introducing UserPro

By / — If you have a community website wherein you would like your members to sign up and interact with each other – WordPress's inbuilt login / registration won't suffice. Enter UserPro – a front end user profile plugin that helps you… More →

Jetpack Rebrands with New Logo, Adds Custom Post Types in 3.1 Release

By / — Jetpack is sporting a new logo in the 3.1 release announced today as part of a re-branding inspired by its growth. “Jetpack is ever-evolving and is a major part of Automattic and WordPress. It’s grown a lot since its introduction… More →

LaunchKey Plugin Adds Biometric Authentication to WordPress

By / — We’ve entered the future, folks. With the help of the LaunchKey plugin, you can now log into your WordPress site using your phone’s biometric facial and fingerprint scanning capabilities. The LaunchKey mobile authentication platform has been pioneering multi-factor authentication for… More →

Learn to Build an Online Store With WordPress

By / — Comments are closed on this post. If you have a question, comment, or other feedback, then please contact me.Just a little over a month ago, I shared a post in which I attempted to gauge interest about those who are looking… More →

Legg Hoarn

By / — Seattle has some awesome old houses. More →

Making Your WordPress Images More Than Just Eye Candy

By / — How to elevate your WordPress images from eye candy to storytelling juggernauts with descriptions that overlay on click, automatically appear when the image is visible or form a CSS-inspired image maps. More →


By / — NomadList has list of cities around the world sortable by cost of living, temperature, and internet speed, so if you can work from anywhere you can choose someplace fun to do so. Hat tip: Matt Galligan. More →

Practical Tips for Learning and Experimenting with WordPress

By / — WordPress is like a G.I Joe action figure to the kid inside me. It’s like Legos for a toddler and like a “truck that needs fixing” to a 40 something year old Texan. With a straw in his mouth. You… More →

Pros and Cons of a Company Twitter

By / — As social media becomes more integral to our everyday lives, companies frantically work to lock down popular social media platform accounts with their brand name. Twitter, one of the more popular social media networking services, is […] The post Pros and… More →

Revealing the Best Analytics Approach for WordPress Sites

By / — Nobody wants to wander blind – that’s why eyes are in such high demand. By “eyes” I mean website analytics, and the effective use of those eyes can help illuminate a path for you to follow. Read more on Revealing… More →

The WhiP Newsletter #54

By / — The future of WordPress, being thankful for WordPress and making it client-friendly. Check out The Whip for more daily lashings of WordPress goodness. More →

This Month In WordPress – The July 2014 Edition

By / — To have access to the latest news and trends with WordPress we are now offering an on going series of WordPress tips, tricks, news, events, and more into one monthly article. Each article will cover the latest with anything WordPress… More →

WPSessions: Upgrade your WordPress Skills by Learning from the Experts

By / — WPSessions is an online training resource for WordPress developers that was launched in June 2013. The aim of the project is to help those working in the WordPress ecosystem gain time, skill, and efficiency, while also increasing the demand for their services.… More →

WordCamp San Francisco Is Not Just Another WordCamp

By / — WordCamp San Francisco is one of the largest, annual events, dedicated to WordPress. But is it just another WordCamp, or something else? Eric Mann points out the confusing nature of the event and suggests using a different qualifier. From an… More →