WordPress News Digest for Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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2014 in review

By / — It’s that time of year again where we reflect on how far we’ve come. While this post is about the numbers, there’s a number of things that the numbers can’t convey. I need to leave that stuff for another article.… More →

85 Free, Alluring and Lightweight WordPress Themes

By / — There are tons of free plugins in the WordPress themes directory, but it can easily be a hit or miss experience when trying to find the perfect theme. Often times, you'll find themes that are bloated with built-in features, ignoring… More →

A Look Back at WordPress News in 2014, Part 2 of 2

By / — This is part two of a two part series looking back at WordPress news in 2014. There was plenty of action to write about with over 900 posts published in 2014. Browse through the list and if a particular story… More →

A Look at the Testimonials by WooThemes Plugin

By / — This easy to use plugin pulls in testimonials for specific formatted areas in WooThemes, as well as other areas using a shortcode. In this tutorial you will learn how to add testimonials and about the different options that come with the… More →

Benchmarks Indicate Jetpack Doesn’t Negatively Impact Site Loading Times

By / — Jetpack is a WordPress plugin maintained by Automattic and has more than 30 different modules. The modules provide a variety of features including, contact forms, stats, and related posts. Part of Jetpack’s reputation in the WordPress community is that it’s… More →

Best of Best WordPress Tutorials of 2014 on WPBeginner

By / — Yet another year is about to coming to an end. We want to thank you guys for supporting WPBeginner for 5+ years of our existence. As we look back at the year of 2014, it was full of success and… More →

Can one overdose on these delicious tiny oranges?

By / — Can one overdose on these delicious tiny oranges? Asking for a friend… More →

Donate to GnuPG

By / — With the news that PGP is one of the things that is still tough for the NSA, now is a great time to donate to GnuPG, which I just did. More →

Everything You Need To Know About The iThemes Security Plugin

By / — WordPress sites are attacked by hackers every day. Many sites fall prey to hackers simply because they’re not secure enough. They don’t have enough to protect them. Some only have simple protection that hackers have little trouble getting around. Many… More →

Free WordPress Themes of The Year: 2014 – Over 130 Themes Listed

By / — 2014 has been another great year for the WordPress community, so many new WordPress companies and websites have started – more people than ever are blogging about it. I remember when I started WPLift in 2010 I wasn’t sure I… More →

How to Drive Customers to Engage with Your eCommerce Blog

By / — Sometimes, it seems like there are more blogs out there than readers. This has gotten to be even more of a problem with the rise of community content sites like Tumblr and Reddit that give blog readers one-stop shops for… More →

How to Preview Posts in Distraction-free Writing Mode Without Seeing a Transition

By / — In order to see the post meta boxes using Distraction-free Writing Mode in WordPress 4.1, you have to move the cursor away from the post editor. During the editing process, you may need to preview a post several times. Since… More →

Our Goals for 2015 – WPCAST030

By / — This week's episode is the last episode of the year. In it, we're discussing our goals for 2015. More →

Take my SPDY, Please

By / — So Google gave mod_spdy to Apache. Now what? More →

What Are You Doing Outside of WordPress?

By / — The end of the year usually breeds one of two types of posts (or, in some cases, both!): A look back over the year summarizing everything that you accomplished (or discussing what you didn’t get accomplished), Your plans for what you… More →

WordPress Highlights from 2014

By / — It’s been a great year for Torque Magazine — filled with plugin reviews, business development, WordPress releases, interviews, and more. Let’s take a look at some of Torque’s most popular articles in 2014!  WordPress mobile 2014 was […] The post WordPress Highlights… More →