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  • What is blogging in 2017?

    Never mind the future of blogging – what’s the “now” of blogging in 2017? I’ve been a bit quiet here recently. There are various reasons for this, but if I rolled off…

  • New blog: World of Switch

    This week, I launched a new blog where I’ll be writing news, reviews, tips and tricks for the Nintendo Switch. Check it out here: World of Switch.

  • Music update: FAWM complete!

    Tonight, I completed FAWM! (Here’s my original post, for context.) Basically, I wrote 14 tracks in 18 days – I finished with 10 days to spare. I might do a…

  • Try monthly mini-projects instead of year-long resolutions

    Instead of setting one or more resolutions for the whole year (if you do, I bet you go off-piste by March) why not set one goal per month? In January…

  • Music update: 2016 albums and what’s coming up in 2017

    I’m quite pleased with what I achieved in 2016. As my Music page shows, I released four new albums: Symmetry 1 Symmetry 2 Revisited Voyage into Space I released Symmetry 1 and…

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