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  • Part 3: Safety nets vs. bad code

    If you haven’t looked at part 1 and 2 here, I suggest you do before reading on. This is a direct continuation of part 1. So the original $wpdb->prepare vulnerability,…

  • On WordPress Security and Contributing

    …and how neither really worked today. A sad story in two parts, where I’m rash, harsh and untactful. An explanation, a rant, a call for support, a call for action.…

  • Large and Laggy Gravity Forms

    Over at GravityView, I have the pleasure of working on Gravity Forms-related things and sometimes we have a performance issue on our hands. This time it was an issue with…

  • 12 WordPress Plugin Vulnerabilities in 12 Months

    I’m challenging myself to find 12 plugin vulnerabilities in the next 12 months, right in time for WordCamp Moscow 2018, where I’ll present peculiar vulnerable code and talk about practical…

  • Protected: Javo Themes Spot LFI Vulnerability

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