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  • Protected: Javo Themes Spot LFI Vulnerability

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  • WordPress Nonces Vulnerabilities

    Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin: A Case Study Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin has 200,000+ active installs, with version 5.1.5 and older vulnerable to an attacker setting redirects to any URLs in…

  • Dynamic Python Mixins

    I was pretty surprised to find out how straightforward it is to create mixin factories and templates in Python. I had a bunch of classes with attributes that needed special…

  • Lighthouse – WordPress Performance Plugin Review

    Like many rants, this one starts with a promise. One made by the developers of Lighthouse on their marketing page: …optimize MySQL tables by removing all unused table space (both…

  • Remove Duplicate WordPress Category Pages

    A rather peculiar problem has come my attention yesterday. WordPress has an infinite amount of category pages that are absolutely identical. For example: … This happens for…

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