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  • Tips On Talking With People Whose Names You Can’t Remember

    In a few days, i’ll be traveling to WordCamp US before that I would like to share a secret. I’m horrible with names. And slightly less horrible with faces. I…

  • A WordCampers Guide To Asking Questions At Conferences

    It’s that season again. In a month, a large number of WordPress folks will migrate to WordCamp US (being held this year in Nashville). and other events (i’ll be attending…

  • Top Ten WordCamp Miami Swag Items

    2018 marks our 10th consecutive WordCamp, so I thought a couple of posts honoring that were in order. My first in this series is something that actually has been requested –…

  • Untitled

    This is a first paragraph.This is a second paragraph.

  • WordPress: 14 Years

    So… tomorrow (May 27th) is WordPress’s observed 14th anniversary. Back on May 27th, 2003 the first version of WordPress was released. My How Big You’ve Gotten! Hard to believe it’s…

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