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  • Reflecting on Design and WordPress (with art)

    I wrote a post on one of our design blogs at work: Why I’m so excited about the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress. Potentially interesting if you’re interested in design and…

  • Your new creative manifesto

    Adweek’s reasons why this second grade handout should be your new creative manifesto feels like it has everything right. At least for me. Maybe I should go back to second grade.

  • The Biggest Trolling Operation in History

    Nøkken by Theodor Kittelsen If you’ve been following the increasingly strange news about Russia’s Internet Research Agency and their involvement in U.S. political life you might find this in-depth look…

  • Gutter Tomato

    We found this tomato plant growing in the gutter near the grocery store.

  • Goethe and Nietzsche on Instruction

    Moreover I hate everything that merely instructs me without increasing or directly quickening my activity. — Goethe Nietzsche prefaces his “untimely meditation” on “the use and abuse of history for…

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