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  • Ray Dalio and Bob Dylan on challenging the unconcious mind

    What does Ray Dalio, super-investor and author of Principles for Life and Work think your greatest challenge is? It’s mastering the part of you that won’t be mastered. Your greatest…

  • Improving focus by removing the web browser from my phone

    Five days ago, I used the restrictions settings on my iPhone to block access to my web browser. I did it on a whim wondering what it would be like…

  • The power of social pressures on behaviour

    Here’s Don Norman in The Design of Everyday Things on fighting the incredible power of social pressures on behaviour. What kind of social pressures? The social forces that cause “otherwise…

  • Reflecting on Design and WordPress (with art)

    I wrote a post on one of our design blogs at work: Why I’m so excited about the Gutenberg Editor for WordPress. Potentially interesting if you’re interested in design and…

  • Your new creative manifesto

    Adweek’s reasons why this second grade handout should be your new creative manifesto feels like it has everything right. At least for me. Maybe I should go back to second grade.

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