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  • Is It Possible

    To run out of things to say?

  • Two Things That Have Me Thinking

    The first is that, recently in the WordPress community, I’ve read a few posts from people who have decided to move on from the jobs they’ve had for years to…

  • One Month Since Vesty’s Passing

    It has been nearly a month since Vesty passed away and while I knew the grieving process wouldn’t be easy, I also didn’t think it would be this difficult. Both…

  • So Long Twitter, Hello Again Feedly

    Not too long ago, I would be asked how I keep up with all the things that happen in the WordPress ecosystem. My answer used to be Twitter. Generally, anything…

  • The Grieving Process Four Days Later

    It’s been four tough days since Vesty passed away. My wife and I have took turns shedding tears at various moments during the week. For example, we were driving home…

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