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  • A Brief Musical History Of My Marriage

    I was listening to a bit of Blink-182 today, and thought “I can describe a full timeline of my relationship with my wife in music”. Well, here goes nothing. In…

  • Sizzy

    A tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast. Preview changes on multiple devices instantly. Source: Sizzy

  • Another PressNomics, More Successes

    Last week, I had the pleasure of attending PressNomics again. It seems as if every time I attend, I continue to grow both personally and professionally. I had an incredible…

  • Staying Secure in a World of Data Gathering (For The Technologically Challenged)

    Before we begin, repeat after me: Nothing is secure. If someone really wants my information, they can get it. It’s a truth that will always exist. For every secure system,…

  • Zapier’s New CLI Tool For Creating Apps

    I often use Zapier to communicate between services, mainly because it offers quite a bit of standardization. Imagine processing a request from one API and passing it onto another. Hell,…

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