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  • The Perils of Accidental Mansplaining

    My wife is one of the smartest people I’ve ever known. Every day, she blows me away with the amount of knowledge she seems to fit into that brain of…

  • My Thoughts On Gun Control

    Every time there’s a shooting, people all over the place come out of the woodworks. We’re bombarded with views in all directions on what to do about it, but nobody…

  • A Brief Musical History Of My Marriage

    I was listening to a bit of Blink-182 today, and thought “I can describe a full timeline of my relationship with my wife in music”. Well, here goes nothing. In…

  • Sizzy

    A tool for developing responsive websites crazy-fast. Preview changes on multiple devices instantly. Source: Sizzy

  • Another PressNomics, More Successes

    Last week, I had the pleasure of attending PressNomics again. It seems as if every time I attend, I continue to grow both personally and professionally. I had an incredible…

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