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  • Where’s my sanity?

    Yesterday, the wonderful Doc Pop drew up a cartoon for Torque that made the rounds and got some attention from a few pals and ex-colleagues that work on the Jetpack…

  • Trek Zektor i3

    Got myself a Trek i3 last week. It’s a 3-speed, belt-driven, street-hybrid, and it’s really cool. Keri and I have already gone on a bunch of bike rides around the…

  • Willy Wonka w/drums

    For my entire life listening to music, this is the first time I’ve seen someone put beats to words instead of sampling words on top of beats.

  • Understanding alloptions in WordPress

    (04/28 UPDATE): I’m now running my first-pass patch right here on my own site. WordPress is an extremely flexible piece of software, and it comes with many different settings. Some are…

  • DJ Lady Style – Music is my life


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