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  • 2018: The year of books

    Every year, I make an entire list of things I’m planning to change in my life for the new year. Many times, I’ve completed my goals. However, over the past…

  • Thoughts on releasing 7 plugin updates in 7 days

    When getting ready to push a plugin update to the world last Monday, little did I know what the week had in store for me. I had no plans of…

  • 32 beautiful English words

    A few days ago, a WordPress theme author lamented that all the one-word names were taken. I wanted to refute his assertion by showing some captivating, dazzling, and alluring words…

  • Reviewing JavaScript functions

    This morning, I’ve been reviewing JavaScript functions. The entire Mozilla JavaScript guide is a blessing. It’s easy to read with good examples. ∞ The post Reviewing JavaScript functions appeared first…

  • Morning reading #2

    I’m currently studying Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet and testing ideas in the console. There’s plenty of goodies included there. ∞ The post Morning reading #2 appeared first on Justin Tadlock.

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