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  • Command Line Shortcuts

    Some command line shortcuts that might make your life easier. They’ve helped me, but sometimes I forget so I decided to group some of my favorites here. To be specific,…

  • Notes: Renaming and relocating directories in WordPress

    This is not a guide (yet?). These are just notes for personal reference which may be expanded upon later. Site owners/developers/administrators may find useful hints below, but please do not…

  • WP CLI: --skip-plugins

    A few notes on skipping plugins with wp-cli. Suppose you want to skip all except one, DONTSKIP: wp user list --skip-plugins=$(wp plugin list --field=name | grep -v ^DONTSKIP$ | tr…

  • Regex Poll

    Regex: Hard or Soft G?

  • isset() Assumptions

    register_setting() can be really handy, but take note! The first time your option gets saved, it’ll pass through the santize callback twice. With most input, it won’t matter; and if…

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