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  • How to Add a Custom Field to a WooCommerce Product

    In this WooCommerce tutorial I will be showing you how to add a custom field to the front-end of a WooCommerce product. We’ll be adding a text input that a…

  • Create WooCommerce Multicheck Form Field


  • Virtual Hackathon for Social Good

    What: Build a website in a day When: October 2, 2016. Where: Wherever you have wifi! Inspired by similar events in the “real” world, but unable to attend them, my…

  • Change the sort order of WooCommerce Grouped Products

    WooCommerce has a small army of filters and hooks that you could customize almost every aspect of the plugin. If you have a grouped product the default display method is…

  • Hustling for Handball

    When I am not coding WooCommerce-related things, my other career as an international athlete. From a purely logical standpoint it has been a terrible career choice because it tends to…

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