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  • x-post: Community Conduct Project Kick-off Meeting

    Community Conduct Project – Kick off meeting scheduled for 17:00 UTC on the 5th September 2017 #announcement

  • 2017 Community Summit Notes

    The Plugin team is small but mighty. We had a very productive summit and contributor day this year, pushing forward some of the changes we’ve been working on for a…

  • Test With Gutenberg Please!

    Call for testing: Gutenberg This is especially important if your plugin adds meta boxes or otherwise makes changes to the editor. PLEASE test early and often.

  • Search Issues

    UPDATE (@dd32): All issues should be resolved as of 2:15AM UTC. The root cause was a change in the behaviour of Jetpack Search which we rely upon causing queries to…

  • X-posting Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project

    Please read + comment on the original post. Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project

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