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  • Search Issues

    UPDATE (@dd32): All issues should be resolved as of 2:15AM UTC. The root cause was a change in the behaviour of Jetpack Search which we rely upon causing queries to…

  • X-posting Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project

    Please read + comment on the original post. Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project

  • New Directory Status

    As everyone knows, the first phase of opening up the directory to more reviewers was getting on the new system. We’re not quite there yet, however a great deal of…

  • SVN Status: Seems to be Okay

    I know Dion mentioned it in a comment, but here’s the official… We think it’s okay now post (I delayed to be more sure). The SVN sync stuff SEEMS to…

  • SVN Syncing Issues Continued

    tl;dr – Yes we know, yes we’re working on it, no you don’t need to email. I’m really sorry about this issue, but right now literally all I know is…

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