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  • Hi,

    My colleague (@karenannelies) made the Dutch (nl) translation for our plugin Jackmail => #nl_NL Dutch @karenannelies @remkus @rubenwoudsma @tacoverdo Could someone put her as a PTE for our plugin,…

  • Hi,

    please add me as TE for de_DE for my plugin Thanks a lot Peter #de_DE #editor-requests

  • I am the plugin author…

    I am the plugin author of WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin. May you please approve waiting translations for: #de_DE (@tobifjellner) #es_ES (@templateinvaders) Thanks. #editor-requests

  • hi, i translated into…

    hi, i translated into German, but there is no one, who could approve it. Could anyone do this? #de_DE (@tobifjellner) #editor-requests

  • Hi Polyglots,

    Please add javanese (jv_ID) for WordPress for Android. #request

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