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  • Agenda for June 27

    This weeks meeting is estimated to take longer than our usual 30 minutes since we have several topics. Meeting times and agendas Since we don’t have agendas each week and…

  • X-posting Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project

    Please read + comment on the original post. Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project Login to Reply

  • The goal going forward

    The goals for the near future are: Comparing the theme and plugin review processes to see how we can work towards a goal of making both processes very similar so…

  • Comparison between the Theme and Plugin review process

    As we are discussing how we can improve the Theme Review process it would be good to see how our process compares to the Plugin Review process. It would help…

  • Agenda for 2017 April 18

    The Theme Review Team holds a meeting weekly and we encourage all members to attend. Channel: #themereview | Time: Tuesday at 17:00 UTC 17:00 UTC Recap: We have changed the…

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