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  • Second call with Matt & Community Summit

    Jose, Carolina and I had another call with Matt at the beginning of June to give an update and see what the next steps should be. We presented the summary…

  • Upcoming directory changes

    Previously we have encouraged theme authors to use a standard readme file that matches the plugin format. In preparation for an upcoming change to the theme directory, theme authors will…

  • Theme Review Meeting Summary: June 27, 2017

    Slack Link Meeting Schedules Plan to change to 2 meetings per month – one with a set agenda and one with an open floor Other 2 weeks would be dedicated…

  • Agenda for June 27

    This weeks meeting is estimated to take longer than our usual 30 minutes since we have several topics. Meeting times and agendas Since we don’t have agendas each week and…

  • X-posting Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project

    Please read + comment on the original post. Proposal: WordPress Community Conduct Project Login to Reply

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