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  • Protected: Field Guide

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post. The post Protected: Field Guide appeared first on justnorris.

  • CSS Grid: Stretch an element across all rows

    Learning CSS Grids can be a pain sometimes, especially when you’re trying to do something you know should work but it doesn’t because of some unknown reason. And as always,…

  • Try not to write clever code

    Here is a thing I wrote yesterday: [crayon-59bbbc3ad232e536629517/] The purpose is to remove the topic and reply forms from bbPress conditionally ( that add_filter is actually used in an if…

  • Get the moderator role in bbPress

    I don’t work with bbPress that much, but when I do – every time I spend most of my time hunting for functions. I wish there was some sort of…

  • It’s time to drop old PHP Versions

    Dear fellow developers, I think every year Matt receives a question at WordCamp US – “When will WordPress stop supporting PHP 5.2.17”, and every year the answer is the same…

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