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  • Things Nobody Tells You

    I didn’t expect to miss my baby when she’s sleeping. Things nobody tells you. Can’t believe this was just 5 months ago. Seems like forever.

  • Worldwide WordPress 5k

    I participated in the the Worldwide WordPress 5K today – I’m glad that Automattic organizes this virtual event. When you work on a computer all day, it’s easy to remain…

  • Hello World: This is Elliot

    Elliot Elizabeth Gooding was born two weeks early on the evening of August 3rd. She was wide awake and very alert from day 1, ready to find out what the…

  • Paths Leading Home

    Today one of my favorite authors died. Elisabeth Elliot’s words had a profound impact on me as a young girl and helped shape my thinking, especially on the topics of…

  • hello, I’m sarah.

    I’m a writer and I like to make things with WordPress.

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